Elements of Successful eCommerce Product Pages

Nowadays, ecommerce has become a very competitive field. Numerous online stores are being opened on a daily basis, while many others fail and end up closing shop. Therefore, to survive and thrive in this industry, you need to think of how you can refine your ecommerce site so as to offer visitors a better user experience.

Here are some important elements which will greatly enhance your product pages.

Elements of Successful Ecommerce Product Pages

1. Brand emphasis

Your website is the main platform for promoting your ecommerce venture. Therefore, branding is very vital for the success of your ecommerce site. Make sure all your product pages have elements which are consistent with the brand image you would want to project. Use colors, fonts and logos which visitors can identify with your brand.

2. Professional photography

Since customers cannot physically access your products, their buying decision is mainly influenced by the photos provided. High-resolution photos will significantly increase their chances of making a purchase. Make sure all your product pages have clear photos of your product, preferably taken from different angles. You could also consider adding a zoom feature for more clarity.

3. Well-written text

Product descriptions which are riddled with grammatical and spelling mistakes appear very unprofessional. Even if you are offering great products, visitors are likely to lose confidence in your brand. Therefore, before posting any text on your pages, make sure it is well-written and thoroughly proof-read. In addition, you need to check if all the information provided is correct and up to date. If you cannot write quality product descriptions, it would be advisable to hire a professional writer to do it for you.

4. Video

Videos can be very effective marketing tools for any ecommerce site. Unlike photos which are static, videos allow you to practically show how your product is used. This enables you to connect at a more personal level with your prospects. Injecting some humor and creativity will make your videos more appealing, and enhance the chances of them going viral.

5. Sense of urgency

With the influx of ecommerce stores on the internet, customers now have a myriad of options to choose from. As a result, many people don’t find it easy to make a buying decision. For your product pages to be effective, you need to give customers compelling reasons why they should buy right away. For instance, you could offer free shipping for some of your products for a limited time.

6. Professional design

You never get a second chance of making a first impression. Therefore, you need to ensure that the design of your ecommerce site leaves visitors with a good first impression. Make sure all the elements on your product pages are well-arranged and uncluttered. Use simple and intuitive navigation which makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. A site which has a professional look and feel will give visitors a pleasant user experience. This will increase their chances of staying longer on your pages and eventually making a purchase.

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  1. says

    Hi mate !
    The points that you’ve mentioned in this post are very good , if we closely observe some top eCommerce sites , they follow almost the same rules /strategies that you’ve mentioned . Thanks for sharing the information .

  2. says

    3 jumps out at me. Write intelligible copy. Connect with your audience. A screw up here and there can turn off potential customers quickly. Thanks for sharing the insight!

  3. says

    Ecommerce niches are doing well and more and more bloggers are taking to reviewing ecommerce products but as you say its competitive. Incorporating videos is one of the best ideas.

  4. says

    Hey Bro really agreed that eCommerce sites are major role in internet business but video which you have mentioned was little new to me would like to check it out

  5. says

    hi nwosu. i realized the importance of complete product description when i tried to choose stuffs to buy on ebay. i tend to ignore products that has incomplete product description unless there is a video that can describe the product completely.

    in ebay, many sellers also practice branding seriously because those who do not often attract huge quantity of seller

  6. says

    Correction: in ebay, many sellers also practice branding seriously because those who do not often attract huge quantity of *customers

    sorry.. for the typo

  7. says

    There are certain areas to make a product page attracting and converting, these are the title, content in the body part, product image which is enhanced by features like zoom, customized images, e.g. if a site offering shoes, clothing, then the size and color are the important elements / features to add for creating a successful product page.

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