Dropbox: Online file storage and synchronization

File storage and synchronization has gone to the cloud like every other thing. Cloud computing is becoming the order of the day in every area of today’s computing. Now we can upload and save our files online and access it from anywhere any moment. You don’t have to carry your computer around anymore; you don’t even need a flash drive anymore because in the case of theft or corruption all your important files will be gone. Won’t it be better to save all your files online and access if from anywhere in the world without having to carry them around?


This idea was conceived and created with the help of cloud computing, there are quite a lot of free and premium online file storage and synchronization services on the internet today. And I am going to compare some of them but before then let me introduce them for those of us that don’t know much about this services.

What is Dropbox: Dropbox is a web based file hosting service that lets you store files and access them from anywhere anytime. You won’t have to carry memory sticks, DVD’s, CD’s or even HDD’s, all you need to do is connect to their official service website Dropbox.com and store or access your files. Dropbox supports different operating system platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and even on Mobile platforms like Blackberry, Android OS, Apple iOS for iPad’s etc. Simply visit their website and click on Download Dropbox desktop application of around 14.3MB and install on your system. After installation, this application will create a special folder on your computer or any other device you want to access and store files from. Any time you want to store files simply drag the file into the folder and it will be synchronized in all your devices and you can access it from anywhere I the world anytime. Dropbox can also make file sharing easy, all you need to do is send someone the link to a file and they can access it.

Just like I said, Dropbox offers free and premium services, the free account will give a user on registration 2GB storage capacity which can be increased to 10GB by referring others .Every referral will fetch you a 250MB storage capacity. You can also purchase bigger spaces like 50GB  for $10 per month or  100GB for $20 per month.

To register for your Dropbox free account quickly click here  to get started. Drop box is quite easy to setup.

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