How I drive over 100k unique visitors to my blog every month

This is a report I have been meaning to write for a very long time but haven’t had the chance to, this is not going to be like my regular type of blog post. I just want to share my blog traffic report for the first time with you and also show you how you too can drive over 100k unique visitors to your own blog easily.

I know I said easily already but it is not as easy as you think in achieving, but reading this report will definitely make it easy for you. Traffic is the major challenge of every blogger out there, a quick search on Google keyword tool will reveal the following search queries as top searches for the keyword “Web Traffic”.

How to drive traffic to my site

Website traffic secrets

How to generate web traffic

How to increase web traffic

Get web traffic etc.

When I visit webmasters forums, bloggers social media groups, or when I discuss with fellow bloggers one of the most discussed topics is web traffic. So much have been written about this topic in so many blogs and websites, I bet you have tried most of what you have read, I hope they worked for you.

Today I want to share with you how I drive over 100k unique visitors to my blog every month. But before then I will suggest you subscribe to my RSS feed because this may be the only time I will share my report or how I generate web traffic on my blog, I intend to share my secrets with only my loyal subscribers after this one, so subscribe now so you won’t miss a thing.

Now back to the business of the day, the methods I am going to share here have been tested by me and I can guarantee the result has been amazing. So ensure to practice it judiciously and you will have same result as well.

Let’s get started….

Search Engine Optimization – SEO: Now I know this sounds common to you but I guarantee you that Google is the major source of my web traffic. A good knowledge of SEO can make the difference between poor web traffic and a huge one. I have previously published a lot of articles on this blog regarding search engine optimization – SEO.

How I drive over 100k unique visitors to my blog every month

So I implore you to take SEO seriously, target keywords you can easily rank for and obey all on-page SEO rules while ensuring proper off-page SEO strategies. A good SEO strategy can help you drive over 100k uique visitors to your site every month

Content Curation: I have taken advantage of this concept since the day I read about it, content Curation has been another source of web traffic and you should try it as well. I curate on, RebelMouse, Meddle,,, Bundlr, Storify, pearltrees etc.

Creating web contents is not just enough, you’ll have to share it for people to read it and content Curation is yet another way to spread the word that you have such a content published on your blog. I personally generate a lot of web traffic to my blog through content Curation.

Social Bookmarking: I bet you have heard this one too? But I am telling you not all social bookmarking sites are worth wasting time with. Without wasting your time, I have personally discovered the following social bookmarking sites to be useful.

BizSugarBlokube , DoSplash (Thanks to Shameem for the introduction), Reddit (Thanks to Babanature for the introduction) , etc

Facebook also plays a very useful role in helping me achieve my traffic goals every month. Traffic from my fan page, wall, groups etc amounts to something at the end of the month. Twitter and Pinterest are also very useful social media platform that can boast any site’s traffic if properly done. This is one of my secret methods of driving over 100k unique visitors to my blog every moth.

Traffic Sources

Blogging Communities: This is the interesting part, blogging communities both on the social media networks; forums etc can be very useful in driving web traffic to your site. I belong to a couple of social media blogging communities both on Facebook and Google Plus. In these groups we share a common/mutual interest which is to help one another promote their sites.

So search the various social media site you belong to for groups with such interests. Learn to share and help others and in exchange be helped. It has a rippling effect that can change the life of your blog forever. Now you know another of my secrets of driving over a 100k unique visitors to my blog every moth.

Guest Posting/Forum Posting & Blog Commenting: These are my hobbies though, reading and contributing meaningfully on the internet. Your contribution on the internet can attract web traffic to your blog. Read to learn more and contribute to show how good you are in every area of life you find yourself, people are naturally attracted by smartness and you will enjoy its massive web traffic benefits.

Give away your best blog posts as guest posts on blog that have more popularity/traffic/ranking than yours, when you comment on blogs/forums, comment meaningfully and naturally people will follow your link back to your site. Make it a habit to comment and contribute always. This way you can driver over 100k unique visitors to your blog every month.

Improve your site quality: Improve your blog quality in the areas of content, design, relationships with your audience, social media engagement and general site user experience. I spend good money every month to host my log on a good Arvixe server and I have employed other important tools towards making my blog better. I have improved my site speed with Cloudflare CDN to improve my site’s user experience. So my site is just not fast, my visitors will also want to read more posts because they won’t have to wait for the next page to load.

Remember your monthly unique visitors also includes your returning visitors, when you make your site good enough for someone to return again, you won’t have to work so hard to make the person return again. If you want to driver over 100k unique visitors to your blog every month, then you have to realize that every single person counts.

Publish like Ryan: My good friend Ryan of cash with a conscience is a writing machine; he can write 20 articles a day and never get exhausted, if you can develop your writing skills and publish as much posts as you can every moth then you surely will attract so many readers to your site. This is a secret I learnt from Ryan and since I implemented it my web traffic has tripled.

I hope i have shared my secret of how i driver over 100k unique visitors to my blog every month, now i want you to apply my strategies and see if it won’t work for you? Remember you have to be consistent about it. Share your thoughts about this post with me using the comment section below, if you have any questions to ask don’t hesitate to ask me.

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  1. says

    Hey Nwosu…
    A great article I must say…all the points you gave to drive visitors to your block are equally relevant…
    Content Curation is something i came across the fist time What is it actually???
    Thanks for sharing this post!!!

  2. says

    Thats incredible man !
    You must be having more that 3000 UV per day ! 52% of your traffic is non-organic ..which is remarkable .I would be following the tips and would start being active in forums and would start guest posting too.Thanks for sharing this for brother !


  3. says

    i have been using scoopit for content curation. never knew of others you mentioned.. i will give them a try.
    BTW thanks for accepting some of my scoopit suggestions.

  4. says

    Hi Nwosu Mavtrevor,

    A well-written explanation of the different traffic sources, awesome!
    I think search engine traffic takes time and great dedication . Direct traffic will come as we start building our brand. Finally , the referral traffic is immediate and controllable. So for building a successful business, we need to maintain a balance between different traffic sources.

  5. says

    thanks for sharing it nwosu. content curation is something new to me and rarely heard about it. i will try to use different content curation platforms suggested in this site

    bookmarked for future use :)

  6. says

    Its really good to check your traffic secrets Nwosu :)

    Hope am doing all and greatly missing the content curation technique.

    Thanks for sharing your traffic details, wishing you to get more with your exceptional work.

  7. says

    A well-written and well-researched article with very practical tips on driving traffic. It’s about time people stop depending too much on Google for traffic.

    Thanks for sharing this, Nwosu.

  8. says

    sir, I really enjoy reading this article. I know the importance of traffic to any blog owner and its effect on blogging income.We are running our blog and the traffic around 100k for any blog is just like a movie turning out to be blockbuster

    Hope to hear more from you!


  9. says

    Thanks for sharing your traffic sources and number of visitors you are getting. I’m following all the ways except the content curation. Will do that soon.

  10. says

    Yes dear this is a great post. I Really Enjoy with this awesome post. With the help of Social Media and Social Bookmarking site we can easily drive more and more traffic. thanks for sharing such type of article with us.

  11. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    First off, astounding numbers buddy! Really amazing stats here because let me tell you, I know how difficult it is to churn out content at this rate, to drive in over 100K a month. Kudos!

    And thanks SO much for the kind mention ;) I am switching things up a bit but I might just churn out those video posts again, we will see ;) But thanks again, for the recognition, I truly am humbled by your kindness.

    Have a powerful day!


  12. says

    Hi Nwosu Mavtrevor,
    Great to see my name on your post and which i have not tried on sites you have listed on content curation like etc between sharing website traffic as a post it’s like revealing the stuff to others you have done a great job keep rocking

  13. says


    Well SEO is really an important thing which can drive 1000’s of traffic easily to our blogs and now a days social media is also playing a media role in ranking.

    i’m glad to check your traffic stats that went over 100k.


  14. says

    Hello!! Nwosu Mavtrevor
    Nice post here which teaches alot and i too learned alot. I am too following some of the tips above and hope for the good.
    Thanx for sharing.

  15. says

    Hi Nwosu Mavtrevor,

    I have read your post from word to word only to learn best practices to boost my blog traffic too.

    I’m following all the ways except “content curation” and “Publish like Ryan”.

    I’ll surely go with these two points too and will share my experience with you.

    Thanks for sharing this report and congrats for the amazing stats :D

  16. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    Great tips. It takes a lot of time to do all the things you list but well worth doing consistently if you want to see results. Pinterest works for some niches as it has done for my health niche but not so well for the IM/MMO niche.


  17. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    Great tips! Getting 100K visitors a month is not an average or an easy thing. It does take hard work and commitment to get there. And yes, consistency is the key.

    I agree with SEO and content curation. Both of these help more eyeballs see your content and this is very important. Coz you have already put time and effort in creating content; now you have to make sure it reaches the masses – via search engines and other means.

    Thanks for all the tips – and yes, I admire Ryan a lot! Thanks for the kind mention of DoSplash. Hope you find it useful!


  18. says

    Thanks Nwosu for the wonderful tips. I wonder how I was missing content curation. I’ll have to dive in to this lake right now.

    And I like the new phrase in blogging tips ‘Write like Ryan’. Agreed with you, he is a true writing machine!

  19. says


    It is really great that you are getting this much traffic every month. Impressive statistics. And the most important thing that matters here is how do you manage to do a lot? Have you got enough time to write articles and their promotion on different communities and other sites which you have mentioned. I am also a blogger, but isn’t it a too much time taking task?

    At last thanks for mentioning these points. Some of the points are really great, I never knew about and I would say Ryan is a genius. :D

  20. says

    @ nwosu mavtrevor
    nice to meet you, Awesome post bro….i am already using this tricks and help me to find unique visitors. Your article help me good knowledge and apply your tricks….

  21. says

    Those numbers are fantastic! It is encouraging to see that you are getting so much traffic to your blog. I hope you continue to see good numbers for your blog! I hope that I can attain the traffic that you are getting. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  22. says

    Whoa you are getting so much traffic. This just proves that blogging works, it can be slow to begin with, but if you are consistent then you will start seeing the results :)

  23. says

    Hi Nwosu,
    Generating traffic is one of the main objectives of bloggers. The tips you have mentioned above are effective enough to generate quality traffic. Joining blogging communities will surely give you positive result.

  24. says

    Thanks for suggesting me bizsugar, I have never submitted article on it. However submitted my links to most of the bookmarking sites but from now i will use BizSugar, Blokube for bookmarking.

  25. says

    I am really loving the theme/design of your
    site. Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility
    issues? A number of my blog visitors have complained about my blog not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in
    Chrome. Do you have any solutions to help fix this problem?

  26. says

    Im using social bookmarking sites and blogging communities for my traffic , getting much response than other ways of getting traffic . Thanks for sharing :)

  27. says

    my question: i have done all this but the issues is my blogger comment has refuse to show comment post

    the worst part of it is my dashboard has no who comment… what should i do

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