Does Alexa Rank Really Matter?

Yes! Alexa Rank matters, sorry I just had to be blunt about it. Alexa rank is simply a numerical position of your site compared to all the other sites in the world. For example, Google and Facebook are the two most visited sites in the world and thus occupy the top two positions. Alexa rank is simply a measure of your site traffic compared to all the others in the world.

Yes, one may argue that Alexa’s reports are incorrect. I totally agree because recently I have noticed my blog traffic going higher while my Alexa ranking is dropping. If Alexa rank is a measure of the amount of traffic to a site, then they should’ve been able to publish same result with Google about my site traffic. Why does it differ? Why will I notice a massive increase in traffic to my blog on Google Analytics and yet my Alexa rank is dropping?

Does Alexa Rank Really Matter?

The answer is simple, you must agree with me that Alexa’s data is unreliable if you have been in same position with me. Alexa only collect data from internet users around the world who has the Alexa Toolbar installed on their browsers. You will agree with me that there are more people out there who doesn’t even know about Alexa’s Toolbar than those who use it. Alexa’s report is based on a small percentage of the world’s internet users. Yet the biggest question remains;

Why does Alexa Rank Matter?

Alexa rank matter for several reasons which includes the following;

Advertising: Most advertisers use Alexa rank to determine sites to advertise on. Some advertisers and CPA Networks require a certain minimum Alexa rank before they can share their offers. So if you really want to earn money through direct advertising or CPA, you must lower your Alexa rank.

Quality: Alexa rank means quality, your ranking is a function of how important your site is seen around the world. Only quality sites make it to the top, so for you to have a good Alexa rank that means your site has good and quality content and traffic.

Authority: A low Alexa rank will go a long way to speak for you as an authority in your niche, people will easily identify with your site because the ranking is good, you will begin to receive more guest posts and comments. You will also receive paid post offers etc all because of your good Alexa ranking.

Respect: You will also be respected by your fellow bloggers and webmasters.

A lot has been written about ways to effectively lower your Alexa rank, I have personally tried most of the methods which includes the following;

1. Download and install Alexa Toolbar on your browser

2. Encourage your visitors to do same

3. Ask for reviews from your readers

4. Use Alexa widget on your site

5. Update your site on a regular basis etc

But among all the above listed methods, I want to concentrate more on reviews. Instead of asking you at this point to review my blog in Alexa I want to try something new.

Alexa review exchange:

If you leave a review for my blog on Alexa, I will reciprocate in the same gesture for you too. Simply write a sincere review of on Alexa, and then send me your own Alexa link for me to review yours via my contact page.

Do not write just few line reviews, take your time to go through my site and find all the things you find interesting about my site and talk about it in your review. Note I may not immediately review yours because I may not be online at all times, but surely I will write you a review once I get back online.

So let’s do it….i am expecting your reviews today.


  1. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says

    I actually couldnt care lesser for all those who say that Alexa does not make a difference!
    The funny thing is that most bloggers who say so have an Alexa widget installed at their blogs – hoping it will help bring down the rankings faster. :D :D

  2. says

    Hello Nwosu,
    Alexa ranks is really of importance. It show your site visibility and credibility and it goes as far as stating your traffic and its source. Alexa tool is one good resource but i am with you on this that they are not 100% accurate. But i guess nothing in the world is :D The reason your alexa rank is dropping is because of many factor; it might be from your browser or other means. Thanks

  3. says

    Hello Nwosu,
    Yep! Agree With Your Article, Alexa Rank Matters a Lot For Some Bloggers But for Some It Doesn’t Matters ;)
    Thanks For Sharing :)

  4. says

    Rather than saying Alexa numbers are incorrect, I’d prefer to say they are not reliable to reflect the traffic amount. As I understood Alexa correctly represents your traffic span rather than traffic number. If you have traffic from every country of the world, your alexa will be the best one. The traffic in such case may be much less than the huge traffic from one country. Hope this makes some sense.

    Try to get some visitors from new country, you’ll find your Alexa improved much better than getting more traffic from one country.

  5. says

    In all truth, as an SEO, I rarely look at Alexa as a crucial metric for making decisions on how to optimize site for conversions. I think its a bad strategy that could potentially mislead a webmasters judgement on what is crucial for their online business. Of course I add it in my popularity metrics when I have to write client reports, but I know its a weak metric:)

  6. says

    Babanature i have migrated from my favorite browser Google Chrome back to Firefox with the toolbar installed hoping to get it back on track. Thanks for your contribution.

  7. says

    A lot of bloggers and marketers follow alexa rank, but like any ranking system it is abused. You can easily beat the system, but I guess it for most people they like numbers and such so it can be helpful. I don’t think advertisers really follow alexa as much as people would like us to believe. I mean if I were an advertiser that was going to drop some serious money I would need something a little more reliable than simple alexa rank. Just my opinion anyway.

  8. says

    I personally am not one to manipulate the system but I do know that people do. One method is using a script to visit various pages in 24 hour time periods. The more pages visited in 24 hours the more your alexa rank goes up overall anyway. Without getting into all the technical details visits are written to the toolbar data and passed to alexa.

    There are other methods too. These are die hard folks looking to manipulate the system usually though. For what means I am not sure, but there are ways manipulate just about any ranking system out there including Google. People say certain systems can’t be beat or manipulated, but I think if someone really wants to do so they can. Just like with all these hackers out there. If they want to bust into something they will no matter how much protection you have. Even big sites or government ones. If they really want to they will.

  9. says

    I write posts for clients Nwosu and am paid pretty darn well per post.

    Each client uses Alexa ranking as a primary indicator.

    If the big money only allows posts on high ranking sites – Alexa-wise – I am with them ;)

    Thanks for sharing buddy!

  10. says

    I definitely agree.
    For most people that don’t know about it, it’s an indicator and they use it to measure traffic or authority. It could work for fixed banners or payed posts.

  11. says

    Nice post and agree with that Alexa rank matters.

    Learned a lot from Suresh comment, thanks for the valuable information Suresh!

    I wrote a simple review, but my reviews are not getting approved. I don’t know why?

    I contacted Alexa too for this issue and they replied that you should follow the guidelines.

    Hope am following the guidelines and don’t know what to do?

  12. says

    Well according to me, Yes Alexa really matters.. reason is

    #Most of the advertisers check alexa for ads
    #Alexa ranking can define the traffic of our blog
    #Alexa ranking fetch more income through reviews

    So in simple we must improve alexa of the blog..

  13. FERNANDO says

    Great post Nwosu. Something I had in mind with some confusion. Thanks for the share. Just posted a review about your site on Alexa. Hope you received it.

    Also I have a question for you regarding the navigation you have on this blog! Will shoot you a mail to get some tips.

  14. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    I agree with you that Alexa is one of the important metrics for any websites to attract advertisers and whoever judges your site. Am writing honest review for your blog.

  15. says

    Hey Mavtrevor,
    I do agree alexa is important for advertising,quality and authority,if you keep updating your blog with fresh content and building back links from top blogs which has good alexa sure you can lower yours meanwhile nice post bro!!!!

  16. says

    Thanks Shameem for your advise, as you can see i publish on this blog everyday and i also comment of different blogs everyday and yet the ranking is falling, something is wrong somewhere.

  17. says

    I would like to add a point which i am facing now. Updating our blog regularly will surely bring our alexa down. I got experience with this :) So, i advice don’t be lazy in updating your blog :)
    Thanks :)

  18. says

    Hi Jordan, Nice words, when I read good content I like to make sure I thank the writer, so thank you. Your article is well-written and just I like to read. I really get educated more and more from netmediablog. Thanks again.

  19. Kimberly Crossland says

    This is a great post! While I certainly believe Alexa numbers are important to consider, they are not the end all, be all of online status either. Knowing how the numbers are calculated is important so small business owners, advertisers, and anyone looking to Alexa for some insight isn’t totally fooled by what these numbers represent.

  20. says

    I totally agree with your Kimberly Crossland, but then on the other hand the numbers can bring some $$$ from advertisers and so should be taken seriously for at least that purpose alone.

  21. Adamn says

    Absolutely, the answer must be yes.
    There are so many tools can check google pagerank, like the one i alway used:, it is free and fast. and it is not only can check PR, but also can check alexa rank, google index,yahoo index, yahoo inlinks and so on.

  22. says

    i think advertisers are getting smarter day by day, they are now also looking at your social number i mean facebook, twitter, google, rss followers, not more alexa :).

  23. says

    i have good alexa ranking comparison to the other related sites but my page rank is not good what’s reason.
    hence i am really confused that its matter or not.

  24. says

    Some great advice and tips for Alexa ranking in this article. I’ve noticed that my Alexa ranking has dramatically improved since I have posted one 1000 word post per week in my niche. My niche is a travel blog specializing in southeast Asia. I installed the Alexa toolbar and Alexa website widget about a month ago.

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