Divorcing Evernote to marry Google Keep?

For a great fan and user of Evernote for over a year now, I have come to find this app very useful. Bloggers take lots of notes and most times we need access to our notes from anywhere on any device. Evernote has been my faithful app on this and I have been very appreciative of it. But just recently, Google gave me another bride – Google Keep.

Divorcing Evernote to marry Google Keep?

Evernote VS Google Keep

Google Keep could simply be seen as the free version of Evernote that allows you to quickly take and organize notes and save them online so it can be accessed on multiple devices. With Google Keep you can create a checklist, record a voice note, take a picture and annotate it. The notes are synced with your Google Drive online storage account and the notes can be edited on the web also.

Google Keep’s key features look alike with those of Evernote which shows that Google may have looked up to Evernote to make this note taking app. But I must say that Google did a nice job with their app, Google Keep can give notes different background colors and can also arrange notes as small squares on Keep’s home screen. Another nice thing I noticed about Google Keep it that when you check off an item on a list, it strikes through the text and lightens it from black to grey so as to mark it as done.

Yet there are so many things you can’t do with Keep that Evernote will comfortably do for you like arranging notes into different notebooks, add attachments to notes, and combine checklists with text/audio notes. Evernote can recognize characters in documents you’ve taken pictures of. But then Google Keep is just a free app.

Google Keep is only available for Android for now which means you can’t access your notes on your iPhone or Windows phone. Though Google Keep may eventually work its way over to other platforms like iOS, Windows etc. Comparing the free version of Evernote to Google Keep, I will be divorcing Evernote to marry my new bride – Google Keep. The 60MB upload allowance against the 5GB of Google Drive is a huge difference. For a music artist who takes lots and lots of voice notes, Google Keep will be your best option except you can afford to pay for the premium services of Evernote.

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What do you think of the newly released Google Keep? Where will your loyalty to online note taking be? Will you remain with Evernote or will you divorce your long time faithful app to marry the new bride -Google Keep just like me? Share your reasons for either staying faithful with Evernote or moving over to Google Keep with me using the comment form below, remember to subscribe to my RSS feed.


  1. says

    I’m using Evernote for some time and I’m really a die heart fan of it. Google has to show me really some awesome features, strong enough for me to ‘divorce evernote’ :)

    As a blogger what pinched me more is “Evernote can recognize characters in documents you’ve taken pictures of.”

    Let’s see how far Google Keep can bribe me :)

    Thanks Nwosu for the comment.

  2. says

    Google keep is good service, but I am afraid of its future, if they will shut down its like Google reader then ?
    I think Evernote is a separate entity so they will never shut down overnight but Google can do this, because they have many products..

  3. says

    True talk but instead of using free version of Evernote i rather migrate to Google Keep and even if they are going to shut it down they will allow us download our data to use elsewhere like they did with the Reader.

  4. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    I am not a huge tech guy but the Keep product seems to vibe with me. Many bloggers I know are in love with Evernote but your post certainly provides a strong argument for Keep.

    Thanks for sharing,


  5. says

    Hi Nwosu, Google Keep sounds very impressive, but like Nissant, I am skeptical. Google keeps shuttering its services so I really don’t trust them to continue with Keep. Why bother switching from Evernote when you probably will have to switch back within a year or two?

  6. says

    I know that the behavior of Google to retire services will be the main reason why people will be reluctant to join their new programs but then its Google! And let’s face it, they’ve got some nice services for FREE!

  7. says

    It was came to my notice that EverNote was hacked few days back and they forced almost 50 million people to reset their passwords. Is that true ?

    And more over adding our To Do or Checklist in these software’s is SAFE up to what extent ??

  8. Olivia Slater says

    i don’t keep the google keep i love evernote for everyday’s notes. and evernote is easy then keep to arrange your notes and share with your friends and family.

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