Display your PC screen on TV Wirelessly with AirTame Wireless HDMI

Have you ever wished it was possible to extend your PC screen to your TV or projector without a HDMI cable? Have you ever wished you could duplicate or extend your computer screen to your TV, monitor or projectors wirelessly? Then meet AirTame wireless HDMI dongle. With AirTame wireless HDMI dongle you won’t have to worry about cables like HDMI, DVI, VGA or Displayport and converters to extend or duplicate your PC screen to a TV or monitor or projector.

AirTame wireless HDMI dongle can allow you to display your PC screen to not just one but multiple screens at once. Simply plug in your AirTame wireless NDMI dongle into the HDMI port of your TV, monitor or projector and power it up via the USB cable.

You don’t even need an internet connection to use the AirTame’s basic functions.

Meet AirTame Wireless HDMI Dongle

Install and run the AirTame software on your PC and you can be able to see your AirTame enabled TV or monitor and start streaming to it through your PC. Multiple screens can be connected at once and you can also password protect them if needed.

With AirTame plugged into your TV you can stream movies from your favorite HD movie sites like HBO, Netflix, HULU Plus, Youtube or even saved video files on your PC to your TV, you can even  make presentations on a projector with it.

The beautiful part is that you can extend your PC screen to your TV while you are still working on your PC. Let’s say you want your friends to watch a movie from your laptop on your TV while you surf your favorite social media site like Facebook, you can simply drag the windows you want to display to your TV, projector or monitor while you keep working on your computer screen.

AirTame Wireless HDMI Dongle

You don’t even need an internet connection to use the AirTame’s basic functions. AirTame Wireless HDMI Dongle is compatible with Apple, Windows and Linux OS. AirTame has three settings depending on your need. If you want to play games, AirTame can focus on minimizing lag and frame rate drops. If you want to stream videos, you can set AirTame to prioritize buffering and stream quality.  If you’re just sharing static images – e.g. pictures or a Powerpoint presentation, you can set AirTame to lower the stream’s frame rate and increase its bit rate instead.

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The AirTame Project is a crowdfunded project, you can pledge $89 via Indiegogo and be among the first to receive an AirTame Wireless HDMI dongle when it’s finally available for the public sometime in January 2014.

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  1. uzoma says

    How can connect my bb bold 5 to tv to watch movie. I want to be watching movie from my phone to Tv like you said about laptop to TV. Thanks urgent need of Reply

  2. says

    Hello Nwosu,

    This is great news…at last, the TV is proving to be really smart. This is some technology I need to have! But I think I’ll pick it up in January when it becomes available commercially.


  3. says

    That looks real cool. I would sure want to try it out.
    Is there any gadget which can let the hubby watch the Telly without the noise disturbing me? I work till late at nights, and that is also the time when he enjoys movies on the idiot box.
    The TV volume is distracting for me, to say the least. I was just wondering the other day if it s possible to let him watch the TV without my being able to hear the sound.
    Any idea?

  4. says

    Me and my lil cousin always used to fight for disturbing in each others work by keeping the volume too high of that IDIOT BOX. But now I guess I got a solution for the same.
    Thanks a lot.
    Lemme catch mah cousin now :D

  5. says

    Hello Mate,

    Well I’m using dual screen for my PC using a VGA cable and indeed it’s very awesome to use both screens at a time . AirTame Wireless HDMI seems very awesome and I’d love to try it out.


  6. says

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  7. Joseph says

    I have selected Nyrius and DVDO air for my ceiling mounted projector. Nyrius wireless HDMI choose WHDI 5 ghz while DVDO air choose wireless HD 60 ghz. 5ghz can penetrate walls and 60ghz has no interference. It is not an easy decision.

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