Create Android app for your blog with AppGeyser

The use of smartphones and tablets are on the increase, more people are using these devices to access the internet for information. If you own a blog you can’t ignore your mobile users, you need to reach such users and to do this you need to create a mobile app for your blog. Today I want to show you how you can create Android apps for your blog even if you do not have a programming skills using a free service called AppGeyser.

AppGeyser is a free service that allows you to create Android apps in just few seconds from any web content. Blog owners can now create apps for Android devices from their web contents. This service is pretty easy to use. You do not need to be a programmer or developer to be able to use this service. Blog owner can even earn money from this service because you can actually monetize your app with mobile ads which will be shared between you and AppGeyser.

How to use AppGeyser to create Android app for your blog:

Visit AppGeyser and click on the “create app” on the top right corner of your browser.

You can start creating your Android app by either entering the URL of your blog, or pasting an HTML code or Video stream if you are a podcaster or vlogger. In our case we choose the first option and enter our blog’s URL, Add an app name and description. You can add your own custom 72px x72px icon or use the default one provided on AppGeyser, choose category as blog and click the “Create” button.

After you app has been created, you can distribute, monetize and even edit your app.  You will also be given your app download link. Mine looks like this So if you are an android tablet or smartphone user, you can download my Netmediablog app from that link.

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  1. Aadam Gibson says

    It does not work as smoother as describe by you. For best result you needs some tweaks and then could be a nice idea.

  2. Nwosu Mavtrevor says

    Try is out and you will see it is as simple as described in this article. I am open to new ideas though…mind sharing the tweak here with me please, maybe i could add it to the post. Thanks am glad you are reading.

  3. says

    Android Apps can be used, by almost any industry, to help people engage with your brand.
    Not only do Android Apps make use of the latest mobile technology, every app is tailor-made with your business in mind

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