Complete Guide before & after Publishing Blog Posts

As much as you can’t wait to hit the publish button so your readers can read your latest blog post, there are guides to what you must do before and after publishing the post to ensure it is appropriate for your readers. So what are the things you are supposed to do before and after publishing blog posts?

This article will provide you with a list of guides to follow before publishing blog posts and after publishing blog posts on your blog. I will take the guides in two categories, before publishing blog posts and after publishing blog posts. So let’s get started….

Guides before Publishing Blog Post:

Complete Guide before & after Publishing a Blog PostsCheck for Typographical errors:  We are humans of course and are bound to make typographical errors when we type, so I advise you always use a word processing application like Microsoft Word while composing your blog posts, that way it will mark out the errors for you to correct. Even if you do not know the correct spellings it will suggest them for you. So always check your blog posts for such errors before you hit the publish button or simply use a word processor to type your blog posts before transferring it to your dashboard for publication.

SEO Quality Check: Check your blog post for SEO quality before you publish it, ensure your keyword is in your blog post title, mega description, image tags etc. Always ensure you have optimized your post very well before publishing it, which is why I will advise you to use WordPress SEO plugin so you can check your SEO quality before you publish that article.

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Always Preview and Proof-read your articles: This is a compulsory step you must obey before you hit that publish button next time, preview your blog posts and proof-read them before you publish them, proof-reading your post on the editor box may not give you a clear insight of how it looks, so use the preview option to see exactly how it will look on a browser and decide on changes to be made on it from the full browser view.

Guides After Publishing Blog Posts:

Read your post immediately: You’ll be amazed at what you will find when you read your posts after publishing them, once you notice any error go back to the post editor page and effect the correction immediately before your readers can start reading it. You can’t be careful enough before publishing a post, but to ensure absolute safety read your post one more time after its publication.

Build Backlinks for that post: This is where most bloggers get it wrong, backlinks are the backbone of any post page or site, build some backlinks to get the post started in the search engine war with other already ranking posts on same keyword on search engine. I normally try to build as much as 20 backlinks for every blog post after publication, so a target of 20 blog comments on other blog will do that post enough good.

Syndicate, Curate & Share that post: At this stage I am hoping you already have some automated syndication tools set up to immediately syndicate your just published post and also curate it appropriately if need be. I normally suggest great posts to related categories and other content Curation sites once I publish a blog post. That way I am building a larger readership base for my blog post. You should also use social media sharing buttons to share your blog posts as search engines consider social media activities as a ranking factor.

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These are some of the guides you must follow as a blogger before and after publishing blog posts. Did you think I skipped any important guide? Share it with me using the comment form below. Remember to subscribe to my RSS feeds.


  1. says

    Great tips – I think the spelling and grammar is very important as you mentioned. Sharing on Social Media is a must too. Thanks for sharing this on

  2. says

    Hello Nwosu,
    i don’t believe on seo, i just write a nice post and drop it to my blog and at the end of the day, i get a reasonable amount of traffic. sharing your blog post to social engine and especially on friendfeed is a good way to go. this is a very interesting post worth sharing. thanks.

  3. says

    Hey Nwosu,
    I must say it’s a nice post. Few days back I’ve also written a post about what to do before publishing the post. Where I’ve mentioned some points like Keywords research; optimizing post title, permalinks, images; proofreading etc. But you’ve done a good job by putting both aspects I mean what to do before and after, while publishing a post.
    I am using ATD plugin to check typographical error.

  4. says

    ATD is a good plugin for checking typo error but in a bid to reduce the number of plugins on my site and to keep my site fast, i simply use a word prosessor like Microsoft Word to type.

  5. dawah says

    good tips…nice one bro. is even adviseable to let some search engines knw about d new article…

  6. says

    Thanks for the read Nwosu, I find that having a list of open doors, ie, networks to let that post fly through helps, then it’s routine after every post. Blogging is not only about a post, it’s delivering that post through as many doors as possible.
    Thanks,,, Jimi.

  7. says

    Nwosu –

    I appreciate the counsel on having 20 blogs lined up upon which to comment is key. I have not historically done well with backlinks, whereas my syndication has been strong.

    Time to go after the links!

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