Claro Search Virus Removal Methods for all Browsers

I have come across a lot of browser hijackers and I can say Claro Search virus hijack is one of the serious ones. Sometimes you may not know your computer has already been infected with this browser hijack virus called Claro Search. Though Claro Search may not be harming your computer in any way you can say, yet I termed it a virus because it changes the browser’s settings, redirects searches to, add toolbar to your browsers and most annoyingly display their ads as the first result.

Now you may be wondering how you got infected with this kind of virus? Most Claro Search infections are mostly from shareware and freeware programs bundled with the Claro Search virus in their installer. You should always be careful when installing applications on your PC so you don’t agree to install the Claro Search browser hijacker. I normally use custom installations though to avoid installing such malicious programs by deselecting any unfamiliar optional software programs.

Claro Search Virus Removal Methods:

Step 1: Uninstall Claro Search Program from your PC; I normally use CCleaner or total uninstaller to uninstall every trace of the Claro Search virus from my PC. You can also use the Windows uninstall a program option on your control panel to uninstall the Claro Search Virus from your PC. Uninstall the following: Claro Toolbar, Claro Chrome Toolbar and Browser Protect.

Step 2: Uninstall the Claro Search Virus from your browsers. Note Claro Search Virus removal methods differ for different browsers.

Claro Search Virus Removal method for Internet Explorer:

Claro Search Virus Removal MethodsClaro Search Virus Removal Methods

Launch Internet explorer, click on Tools and select ‘Internet Options’ from the drop down menu, select Advanced tab and choose Reset, click reset again from the dialog box and close, OK your changes and restart your browser.

Claro Search Virus Removal method for Google Chrome:

Best Claro Search Virus Removal Methods

Launch Google Chrome, Click on the Wrench tool, select Tools and then Extensions, remove by clicking on the recycle bin icon by the side of Claro Search Toolbar and Browser Protect extensions. Then click on the Wrench tool again, select settings and click Manage Search Engines in the search section, select Google by clicking on the Make Default button that appears on mouse over. Search for the Claro Search and click on the X icon that appears besides it. Then head back to the settings section, change the homepage URL to anything you want, I normally prefer

Claro Search Virus Removal method for Firefox:

Best Claro Search Virus Removal Methods

Launch the Firefox browser, click the Firefox button and select Help from the drop down menu, and select Troubleshooting Information from the sub-menu. Click Reset Firefox button and confirm the reset in the confirmation window and click finish to save the changes.

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In order to totally remove every trace of the Claro Search Virus from your PC, perform a full system scan on your computer. I hope you find this article interesting as the Claro Search Virus has proven to be quite stubborn. If you have any contributions to add or question, use the comment form below. Remember to subscribe to my RSS feed.


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