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Not long after Google announced the release of the Chrome for Android app did they also release the Chrome for Android app. iPad and other iOS devices normally comes with Safari as their only and default web browser. Chrome for iPad and other iOS devices will provide even a faster browsing experience as Google Chrome is known to be a fast browser.

With Chrome available on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad you can now synchronize your computer and your iOS devices and walk around with your favorite web tools. Simply sign in to your Google account and sync your bookmarks, passwords etc from your computer to your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This will allow you to continue on one device where you stopped on the other.

Chrome will make searches in iOS devices even faster as it is known that Google integrated the search box and address bar and called it Omnibox.

Chrome for iPad and other iOS devices will offer you the same browsing experience as Google Chrome for computer, the ability to open multiple tabs, with each tab browsing independent of the others.

How to install Google Chrome for iPad and other iOS devices:

Go to the Apple Store on your iOS device whether it is iPad, iPod touch or iPhone.

Touch FREE


Enter your Apple ID and Password and touch OK

Open Chrome. Or use the link below directly to download Chrome for iPad.

Download Chrome for iPad and other iOS devices from iTunes Store. There are yet some limitation to this development, Apple has set Safari to remain as its default browser, so links from email or SMS will automatically open in Safari. You can only change the default browser for your iOS device only when you have Jail broken your iOS device. This app is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and it requires iOS 4.3 or later.

On successful installation, touch the Chrome icon on your home screen to open the app. You will have to accept the terms of service to get it started.

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    This is actually nice as you said chrome IS a faster browser making the iOS experience a whole lot more fun. But am just wondering will apple make safari for android? :)
    Planet Nerd

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