Top Cloud Operating Systems you should know

Cloud operating systems are cloud based operating systems designed to operate with cloud computing and virtualization environment and accessed as a service rather than a standalone software. Cloud operating system (Cloud OS) is often times referred to as virtual operating system or Web OS because it … [Read more...]

Free Screen Capture Software for Windows 8

Screen capture can be quite useful when you need to capture your screen for illustrative purposes. You can use screen capture software to capture your PC screen, capture webcam images on a web page or even record a streaming video. With screen capture software you can record a video of what you are … [Read more...]

Resize Bulk Photos at once with Fotosizer

It is quite easy to resize a single image within minutes but when you have hundreds or thousands of images to resize you will understand how difficult it could be. The idea of repeating the same process for each photo is mind numbing. If you ever wished there was a way you could resize bulk photos … [Read more...]

What’s New in Firefox 29?

Though the final version of the Firefox 29 is expected to be available for the public sometimes in April 2014, the Firefox 29 Beta version is available now. The new Firefox 29 is based on Gecko 29 and it’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The Firefox 29 is powered by Firefox account … [Read more...]

Top 5 WiFi Hotspot Apps for Windows

It’s common to see people ask “What are the best WiFi Hotspot apps for Windows?” or “How can I turn my Windows PC into a WiFi Hotspot?” Today I want to share with you the top WiFi Hotspot apps for Windows so you can easily share your PC’s internet access among your WiFi devices so as to save the … [Read more...]

What will happen after the Microsoft End of Support for Windows XP?

Microsoft has announced the end of support for the Windows XP operating system on the 8th of April, 2014. What does this mean for a Windows XP user? What can a Windows XP user do after the end of support for Windows XP as announced by Microsoft come April 8th, 2014? The Microsoft End of Support … [Read more...]

Whatsapp Pay for a Friend

In case you have not noticed the new “Pay for a friend” feature in Whatsapp you may have to update your Whatsapp application to the latest version. I noticed that the version on the Play Store is older than the one on Whatsapp official website. So you may have to visit /download/ to … [Read more...]

How to sync Android apps across devices with Bluestacks Cloud Connect

It’s common to see people with an Android phone, an Android tablet and even a PC these days. In an earlier tutorial on this blog titled “How to use Whatsapp on your Computer”, I explained how you can run Android apps such as Whatsapp on a PC using Bluestacks. Do you own multiple Android devices and … [Read more...]

Smartphone Midi Controller Apps for Android

In an earlier article published on this blog titled “Turn Your Smartphone into a MIDI Controller” I explained how you can turn your smartphone into a midi controller. But today I am going to introduce you to some awesome smartphone midi controller apps from the Play Store worth trying. There are so … [Read more...]

PushBullet: Push Contents between devices easily

There are moments when you are working on your PC and you wished you could copy some text, links, photos etc to your Android mobile device easily without having to send it through email, Bluetooth or the hassles of transferring through a USB cable. Other option to transferring stuffs from our PC to … [Read more...]