New Twitter Web Profile looks like Facebook

Twitter has introduced new web profiles for all users after months of testing its new visual interface. The new Twitter web profile adds a lot more user information and several other features. Is it just me or have you noticed it look alike with that of Facebook profile? The new Twitter web profile … [Read more...]

How to use Instagram without a Smartphone

Have you always wished you could use Instagram without a smartphone? Do you want to create an Instagram account and share pictures with your friends even if you do not have a smartphone? Of course not everyone can afford a smartphone and that shouldn’t deprive one of the opportunities of socializing … [Read more...]

How to Automatically Schedule Facebook Birthday Messages

There is hardly any day I don’t have multiple Facebook friends celebrating their birthdays and it is always difficult to keep up with sending congratulatory messages to everyone of them. If you have so many Facebook friends, you will most likely have one or more people celebrating their birthdays … [Read more...]

Why you shouldn’t buy Social Media Followers & Fans

The power of social media cannot be over-emphasized. Social media has revolutionized the way we do business and the way we share information. It is common to see people share contents they find interesting with their folks on the different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, … [Read more...]

MSocialH – The New Social Media Exchange Platform like no other

Are you a blogger or business owner looking to grow your social media followers or increase your social media traffic and engagements? Then MSocialH is the perfect platform for you. MSocialH was built with the special focus to help people like you reach your goals in building your brand … [Read more...]

How to enable 2-Factor Authentication for your Social Media Accounts

The Social media has become an important part of our everyday lives; we socialize and do business on various social media platforms. We have our private data on such sites such as sensitive information about us, photos, messages and even financial details like credit cards etc. There is an … [Read more...]

Creating better contents with Social Media Embedded posts

There are over 1 Billion Social media users worldwide and these people engage and produce contents on social media. With so much content out there being produced by others, doesn't it make sense to curate such contents and provide your audience with rich and high quality contents? As bloggers we … [Read more...]

How to leverage Trending topics

Trending topics are the most talked about topics at every point in time. This feature has been on Social networks like Twitter (Trending) and Google+  (What’s Hot) for a long time and now on Facebook (Trending). For awhile now Facebook have been beta testing a new feature called Trending, but few … [Read more...]

CircleCount – Analyze your Google+ Activities

CircleCount is an awesome tool to measure your Google+ influence and analyze your activities on Google+. CircleCount measures your comments, +1s received, reshares and tracks follower history and gives you a graphical analysis of the data. CircleCount gives you an insight into your Google+ … [Read more...]

Why Google+ is a better platform for Bloggers

Just as social media and blogging are becoming inseparable as the later has been playing a major role to the development and growth of the former.  I have decided to look at the reasons why Google+ is a better platform for bloggers than Facebook and even Twitter. I can authoritatively tell you here … [Read more...]