EaseUS iOS Data Recovery Pro Review

Are you an iPhone user? Have you ever lost your contacts, messages, pictures or even your music from your iPhone either by accident or your own deliberate actions? Have you ever lost anything from your iPhone and realized you do not have a backup or any way to recover what you lost? Then you must … [Read more...]

Killer tricks for speeding up your Android phone

After few days of using your Android smartphone, it has now become slow owing to the number of apps you have installed from the Google play store. It does not matter if your phone has quad core processor or high amount of RAM, you will have to make few changes so that it stops lagging. Situations … [Read more...]

Top selling smartphone brands in Nigeria 2013

Often times I see people compile a list of best or top selling phones in Nigeria and when you look at the list you will see that they are all smartphones like iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung etc, I want to state here that such lists are absolutely rubbish, in a country where an average citizen lives … [Read more...]

4 Pro Tips for Running Your Start-up from a Tablet

The days of being chained to your desk while you build your business empire are well and truly over, according to the Pew Internet Project. A recent study suggests desktop computer ownership has dropped from 68 percent in April 2006 to 58 percent last year. In response, GlobalWebIndex says 282 … [Read more...]

Download Stock ROMs from Shipped-ROMs

Maybe you upgraded your mobile device to a Custom ROM and suddenly don’t like the Custom ROM and want to revert to the original Stock ROM your device came with or messed up your device during a rooting or flashing process and want to go back to your device’s original Stock ROM and now you are … [Read more...]

What Makes Cell Phone Tracking Apps A “Big Hit”?

Everyone seems to install various apps on cell phones and tablets. These applications can be for instant or chat messaging, games, music, and even TV shows. It’s pretty easy to get any of these apps because there are lots of free phone apps made available for download on the Internet. Basically, … [Read more...]

The coolest gadgets you shouldn’t miss in 2013

It has been quite of a shock to know that Apple was excluded from the list of the coolest gadgets in the beginning of this year (2013). So, it is obvious that some of the other technology and electronic based companies are giving a tough competition to Apple. It was predicted in the beginning of … [Read more...]

New Facebook Messenger sends messages with phone numbers

Facebook announced Wednesday that their messenger app has got a major update which lets its users send text messages to each other even if they are not friends on the Social network. The new Facebook messenger can now be compared to other mobile messengers like Whatsapp and Snapchat as you can now … [Read more...]

How to Sideload Android apps onto Blackberry Z10, Q10 & Q5

The first limitation to the excellent use of any Blackberry OS10 phones like the Blackberry Z10, Q10 and Q5 is apps. Seems fewer developers are interested in making Blackberry apps for these phones. Am not saying the Blackberry Z10, Q10 & Q5 are not great phones, but often times you can’t find … [Read more...]

How to transfer music, contacts, video and photos using NFC in Android

Smartphones are getting even smarter with the introduction of Near Field Communication. Now it is possible to transfer contacts, music, video and photo files between Android devices by mere touching the device together. Near Field Communication popularly known as NFC which has been introduced into … [Read more...]