How to spot fake Samsung Phones

Samsung is the leading mobile brand worldwide, no wonder there are lots of fake Samsung smartphones in the market these days. A friend came to see me the other day with his new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and within minutes of touching the phone I knew it was fake. When I told him he doubted till I showed … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Price in Nigeria

The Samsung flagship device – Galaxy S5 is now available in Nigeria and its sold for N110,000 only. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has two variants – The Samsung Galaxy S5 Black and Samsung Galaxy S5 White. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available on both Jumia and Konga online stores. You can place your order … [Read more...]

How to use Instagram without a Smartphone

Have you always wished you could use Instagram without a smartphone? Do you want to create an Instagram account and share pictures with your friends even if you do not have a smartphone? Of course not everyone can afford a smartphone and that shouldn’t deprive one of the opportunities of socializing … [Read more...]

How to solve Whatsapp failed out of memory please try again later error

It is common to get the error “failed out of memory please try again later” when trying to send pictures on Whatsapp or when you are trying to change your Whatsapp profile picture. This is basically a memory problem. It’s not as a result of not having enough memory, this error can happen even when … [Read more...]

Calling on Nigerian Bloggers to use blogging as a platform for positive changes

After reading Nosa Ero Nosa of ThatNaijaBlog article on “The “Other Thing” Tecno Smartphones Doesn’t Do”, I am inspired to call on all Nigerian bloggers to use blogging as a platform for positive changes. What’s the essence of blogging if all we do is publish contents, embed ads on them and get pay … [Read more...]

Cheapest Tablets in Nigeria – Specifications & Prices

It is common to see tablets around everywhere now. The tablet market has grown and the competition has lead to the release of lots of cheap tablets. Today I want to introduce you to the cheapest tablets in Nigeria highlighting their specifications and prices. The demand for cheap tablets has … [Read more...]

How NFC can change Business

In this realm of new technologies, near field communication NFC is becoming a big thing as more and more companies are beginning to find uses & applications for it. NFC technology allows mobile devices to exchange data at close range. Unlike Bluetooth, NFC does not need to program two devices … [Read more...]

What’s New in Firefox 29?

Though the final version of the Firefox 29 is expected to be available for the public sometimes in April 2014, the Firefox 29 Beta version is available now. The new Firefox 29 is based on Gecko 29 and it’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The Firefox 29 is powered by Firefox account … [Read more...]

Wi-Fi SD Cards – The future of External SD cards?

The growth of technology in recent times has resulted in more people using gadgets that can store data such as videos, images, audio etc. There is always a need for extra memory and external SD cards have been there to provide such needed extra memories but with the types of sophisticated gadgets … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

The much-hyped Samsung Galaxy S5 has finally arrived and in this article I will be comparing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to the Samsung Galaxy S5. I will be looking at their similarities, difference and prices. One can easily say that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a gradual evolution of last year’s Samsung … [Read more...]