How to avoid plagiarism

The question is strongly acute, especially nowadays, when even a person who isn't a writer or a copywriter, faces plagiarism every day, making usual reports or articles. Today when your task is to write a small article you don't need to go to library or book shop, like several years ago, to find … [Read more...]

Top Cloud Operating Systems you should know

Cloud operating systems are cloud based operating systems designed to operate with cloud computing and virtualization environment and accessed as a service rather than a standalone software. Cloud operating system (Cloud OS) is often times referred to as virtual operating system or Web OS because it … [Read more...]

Free Online CSS Minify Tools

CSS minification is the process of reducing the size of a style sheet file by eliminating extra white spaces, blank lines, comments, renaming variables and attributes to shorten them so as to reduce the amount of data that needs to be transferred over the web and thus improve the page loading … [Read more...]

How NFC can change Business

In this realm of new technologies, near field communication NFC is becoming a big thing as more and more companies are beginning to find uses & applications for it. NFC technology allows mobile devices to exchange data at close range. Unlike Bluetooth, NFC does not need to program two devices … [Read more...]

Top 5 WiFi Hotspot Apps for Windows

It’s common to see people ask “What are the best WiFi Hotspot apps for Windows?” or “How can I turn my Windows PC into a WiFi Hotspot?” Today I want to share with you the top WiFi Hotspot apps for Windows so you can easily share your PC’s internet access among your WiFi devices so as to save the … [Read more...]

Save Files directly to the Cloud without downloading them

In a previous article published on this blog titled “Save files directly to Dropbox from the internet using sideCLOUDload”, I explained  how you can save files directly to Dropbox with sideCLOUDload without having to download it first. sideCLOUDload is a web app that lets you send files from URL … [Read more...]

7 ways to boost your wireless internet speed

With some things, you would just prefer them to go a bit faster. Dentist visits, boring classes at school, long journeys on crowded trains, and slow internet connections. Connecting to slow internet can be frustrating, especially when you know it has the potential to go a lot faster. If you connect … [Read more...]

Chrome App – How I built one for my blog

I have just built a Chrome app for my blog and published it on the Chrome App Store. A Chrome app is a web-based application designed to be used entirely within a Google Chrome browser. A Chrome app could be a music player within a Chrome browser that enables you to use your browser as a music … [Read more...]

Tech Gift ideas for Valentine 2014

Its Valentine again this year, its red and white all over the place. It’s that time of the year again that people have set aside to express love. Whether you have a special someone to spend Valentine’s day with this year or you are single, this year’s Valentine doesn’t have to be a wasted one. So … [Read more...]