Save Files directly to the Cloud without downloading them

In a previous article published on this blog titled “Save files directly to Dropbox from the internet using sideCLOUDload”, I explained  how you can save files directly to Dropbox with sideCLOUDload without having to download it first. sideCLOUDload is a web app that lets you send files from URL … [Read more...]

How to Automatically Schedule Facebook Birthday Messages

There is hardly any day I don’t have multiple Facebook friends celebrating their birthdays and it is always difficult to keep up with sending congratulatory messages to everyone of them. If you have so many Facebook friends, you will most likely have one or more people celebrating their birthdays … [Read more...]

How to transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S4

One of the first challenges of upgrading from Samsung Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S4 is transferring your contacts and other files. Recently someone asked me “how to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S4”, I decided to write this tutorial so as to help others that may as well be looking for … [Read more...]

How to Root Nokia X, X+ & XL with Framaroot

Not a week after Nokia X, X+ and XL was announced as the company’s first Android smartphone, the devices have been rooted. Intrepid developer Kashamalaga of the XDA Forum has gain root access to the Nokia Android devices using the Framaroot so you can install apps from the Google Play Store on the … [Read more...]

7 ways to boost your wireless internet speed

With some things, you would just prefer them to go a bit faster. Dentist visits, boring classes at school, long journeys on crowded trains, and slow internet connections. Connecting to slow internet can be frustrating, especially when you know it has the potential to go a lot faster. If you connect … [Read more...]

How to fix BBM for Android Contact display picture problems

One common problem BBM for Android and iPhone users encounter is the contact display picture disappearance. A lot of BBM for Android and iPhone users are complaining that they can’t see the display pictures of their friends within the Contact, Chats and Updates tabs. Rather it shows a blank … [Read more...]

Chrome App – How I built one for my blog

I have just built a Chrome app for my blog and published it on the Chrome App Store. A Chrome app is a web-based application designed to be used entirely within a Google Chrome browser. A Chrome app could be a music player within a Chrome browser that enables you to use your browser as a music … [Read more...]

How to Fix Error -24 while installing apps on Android

You may have encountered an error -24 while installing or updating an Android application on your device. This error is common with apps like Whatsapp caused by a bug in mostly Android 4.4 version when Whatsapp is installed in Android RunTime (ART). This error occurs from an incomplete … [Read more...]

Used Laptop Buying Guide

If you can afford it, it is always better to buy new laptops with factory warranty and latest software upgrades. But when you need a cheaper laptop you may consider buying a used or refurbished laptop. A good used/refurbished laptop can perform as good as a new one and can as well be reliable. But … [Read more...]

PushBullet: Push Contents between devices easily

There are moments when you are working on your PC and you wished you could copy some text, links, photos etc to your Android mobile device easily without having to send it through email, Bluetooth or the hassles of transferring through a USB cable. Other option to transferring stuffs from our PC to … [Read more...]