How to spot fake Samsung Phones

Samsung is the leading mobile brand worldwide, no wonder there are lots of fake Samsung smartphones in the market these days. A friend came to see me the other day with his new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and within minutes of touching the phone I knew it was fake. When I told him he doubted till I showed … [Read more...]

How to use Instagram without a Smartphone

Have you always wished you could use Instagram without a smartphone? Do you want to create an Instagram account and share pictures with your friends even if you do not have a smartphone? Of course not everyone can afford a smartphone and that shouldn’t deprive one of the opportunities of socializing … [Read more...]

Resize Bulk Photos at once with Fotosizer

It is quite easy to resize a single image within minutes but when you have hundreds or thousands of images to resize you will understand how difficult it could be. The idea of repeating the same process for each photo is mind numbing. If you ever wished there was a way you could resize bulk photos … [Read more...]

How to solve Whatsapp failed out of memory please try again later error

It is common to get the error “failed out of memory please try again later” when trying to send pictures on Whatsapp or when you are trying to change your Whatsapp profile picture. This is basically a memory problem. It’s not as a result of not having enough memory, this error can happen even when … [Read more...]

How to Structure a Perfect Article

After publishing “What is Quality Content” on this blog yesterday, I received some nice comments from some of you and also received emails in regards to the topic. Someone asked me a simple question via email which has prompted me to write this article titled “How to structure a prefect … [Read more...]

How To Minimize Android Data Usage

One of the biggest challenges of using an Android smartphone is the internet data usage. To get the best of your Android smartphone you need a steady internet connection as a lot of services and apps depend on the internet data to run, whether foreground or background these data-hungry apps suck up … [Read more...]

Whatsapp Pay for a Friend

In case you have not noticed the new “Pay for a friend” feature in Whatsapp you may have to update your Whatsapp application to the latest version. I noticed that the version on the Play Store is older than the one on Whatsapp official website. So you may have to visit /download/ to … [Read more...]

How to sync Android apps across devices with Bluestacks Cloud Connect

It’s common to see people with an Android phone, an Android tablet and even a PC these days. In an earlier tutorial on this blog titled “How to use Whatsapp on your Computer”, I explained how you can run Android apps such as Whatsapp on a PC using Bluestacks. Do you own multiple Android devices and … [Read more...]