Best Gaming Smartphones – Which should I buy?

There is no doubt that mobile gaming is becoming very popular with advancements in processing power and graphics quality in smartphones. Running HD games smoothly on smartphones requires a lot of processing power, memory and great image quality. So if you are looking to buy a smartphone just … [Read more...]

Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse

This is a common argument among PC gamers. Choosing between a wired gaming mouse and a wireless gaming mouse depends on one’s preferences. I will try to be objective in this article to see which of wired and wireless gaming mouse makes the better accessory to PC gaming. The best gaming mouse is one … [Read more...]

Price of Sony PS4 Console in Nigeria and where to buy

Update: The price of PS4 has been slashed by Jumia from N124,995  to N98,995. Do you want to buy a Sony PS4 Console in Nigeria? Good news is that you don’t have to go abroad or order for one from abroad. Nigerian e-commerce website - Jumia Nigeria has brought the new Sony Play Station 4 to Africa. … [Read more...]

How to install HD Android Games with Cache

Due to the installer file sizes of some HD Android games you cannot simply download their .apk files and install them directly. Most smartphone won’t have enough internal memory to install some HD Android games due to their large installer files sizes. Some HD games are more than 1gigayte in size, … [Read more...]

Social Gaming: Top 5 Facebook Games i find intriguing

Facebook games have grown so much since its introduction some few years ago. Facebook developers understand the need to socialize through games and I can say that Facebook games are definitely one of the factors that will keep Facebook on top of the social media chart for more years to come. Social … [Read more...]

Top 5 Gaming Mouse for Computer Gaming

Computer gaming has been a popular way for friends to spend time together, I personal play games on my computer when I need to relax. Computer gaming requires more than skills sometimes and the right gaming equipment could make a difference while gaming. One of such equipment that can enhance your … [Read more...]

Top 5 First Person Shooter Games for Android

Every mobile game player knows how interesting and entertaining first person shooter FPS games are, so I have decided to compile my favorite list of first person shooter games for Android based on my experience and play time. I know a couple of people who are addicted to first person shooter FPS … [Read more...]

Holiday Recreation: How to Choose a Gaming Console

Hard core gamers always prefer gaming consoles to personal computers. If you are planning to gift a gaming console, to someone near and dear, then these tips will help you identify your preferred choice. All options in home consoles are comparable in features and experience. The console that … [Read more...]

How to play mobile games on PC using emulator

Have you ever wished to play your mobile games on a bigger screen? So if you have always imagined playing your mobile games on your PC this article is for you. Whether you are an iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Sony Ericsson user, there is an emulator for you.  Check out the list … [Read more...]

How to play Angry Birds Star Wars or any other Android Games on PC

Previously in this blog I had written about how to play Angry Birds on Windows PC but today I am going to differ on that method a little. You can even use the method I am about to show you to play any Android games on your PC. Angry birds for Space is one of the popular games today and almost … [Read more...]