How to Structure a Perfect Article

After publishing “What is Quality Content” on this blog yesterday, I received some nice comments from some of you and also received emails in regards to the topic. Someone asked me a simple question via email which has prompted me to write this article titled “How to structure a prefect … [Read more...]

What is quality content?

We often talk of “Quality Content” every now and then but no one has bother to ask “what is quality content”. With all the Google updates especially the Hummingbird update now in full swing, there has been more mention of quality contents around the web. In this article I will explain what quality … [Read more...]

Free Online CSS Minify Tools

CSS minification is the process of reducing the size of a style sheet file by eliminating extra white spaces, blank lines, comments, renaming variables and attributes to shorten them so as to reduce the amount of data that needs to be transferred over the web and thus improve the page loading … [Read more...]

Adding asynchronous adsense code to Blogger template without error

The introduction of the asynchronous adsense code by Google to improve web latency and better user experience for your site visitors allowing faster page speed and general site performance may have come at a cost as many bloggers are complaining getting an error that says “Attribute name "async" … [Read more...]

Lessons I’ve learnt publishing over 700 posts on Netmediablog

It’s been over two years now since I started blogging and I have published over 700 blog posts on my blog – Netmediablog. I started this blog sometime around December 2011 with an idea to provide useful and resourceful information regarding technology to people. I want to use my blog to help … [Read more...]

The Truth No One Will Tell You About Blogging

I bet you have heard so many things about blogging; you are excited to start blogging and make money. Blogging provides a lot of opportunities and most of all can earn you good income and fame. You must have heard how easy it is to write articles, publish the on your blog and the money will start to … [Read more...]

WordPress 3.9 Features and Release Date

Wordpress 3.9 Beta 1 was released just few days ago for testing though the stable version is due to be released sometime next month – April 15th to be precise. In this article I will like to highlight the Wordpress 3.9 features and other options the new version is coming with. Updated Visual … [Read more...]

MSocialH – The New Social Media Exchange Platform like no other

Are you a blogger or business owner looking to grow your social media followers or increase your social media traffic and engagements? Then MSocialH is the perfect platform for you. MSocialH was built with the special focus to help people like you reach your goals in building your brand … [Read more...]