Why your business needs an NFC Business Card

When you give out your business card you are offering your business contact but with an NFC business card you can give out even greater information about your business. An NFC business card is no ordinary business card, it is a card embedded with a tiny microchip that when touched to a smartphone asks the phone to do something like save a contact detail, play music or video, or maybe download your business portfolio, show a map of your business location etc.

The best part of using NFC business cards is that you can update it even when it has been given out. That way your business card does not have to be what it was yesterday. You can even program your business card to share your web contents, music, movies, pictures – anything and everything.

Why your business needs an NFC Business Card

An NFC business card does not have to contain just your business address and phone numbers, it can hold even your business location map, opening and closing hours, menu of your daily specials and even offers etc. It doesn’t take anything to read an NFC business card than an NFC enable smartphone. Just touch your NFC business card to any NFC enabled smartphone and instantly the content pops up for your to choose an action like maybe save a contact, call a number, check out a web link etc. You don’t even need to install any app or download any software to scan the NFC tag.

So you see that an NFC business card offers an interactive experience beyond what has been possible with traditional print. There is an embedded NFC tag in every NFC business card that can hold whatever information you want to give away when you give someone your business card.

The advantages of using an NFC business card are countless;

  • You don’t have to fear about your clients losing your business card
  • It also create a good impression to clients and business partners
  • Your business contact information will now be always saved by the recipients
  • It is eco friendly
  • Be ahead of your competitors
  • Be social: Link your social media profiles to your NFC business card
  • Be visible: Link your video or photo galleries to your NFC business card
  • You can now give out more information like numbers, emails, web addresses etc in just one card
  • You don’t have to carry a lot of card anymore
  • Be superior: While others are still using QR codes migrate to NFC
  • Highly reduced chance of loss of information.

NFC business card is the business card for the future. It can greatly improve a business because it is more like a call to action card that requires the person holding it to do something. You can load your phone number and with a “Tap to call” command loads a specified phone number and dials it when someone touches the card on their phone.

It could be “Tap to Text message” that loads the text message app with a specified phone number, “Tap to email” that loads up an email app with a specified email address and even a “Tap to www” that loads up a URL on a browser app etc.

You see you can encourage people to carry out an action with your NFC business card. This card will put you ahead of your competitors and stick you out of the crowd. Your business card does not just have to be one of the many business cards.

What do you think of NFC business cards? What other possibilities do you think an NFC business card can offer? Do you agree businesses should use NFC business cards? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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    What an interactive way to connect with people. Be memorable. Use this tech to take the next step; via the methods you shared. Awesome post and idea.

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    This “NFC business card” sound really great for a business owner like me. It’s functioning is similar to an electronic card. I would love to have one for my business too.

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    Hi Nwosu,
    I always wonder why NFC is not getting the attention it actually deserves. The NFC chips are really cheap. One should try experimenting with those. NFC business card is a cool interactive way to share personal details. It can be considered as an alternative to QR codes and barcodes in that perspective.

    Something off topic. The post pages have two “Confirm you are NOT a spammer”. I think you should rectify that.

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    Thanks Jake i will definitely fix it. You have made a wonderful contribution. I see NFC business cards as the future of business cards, as more and more people become aware of it and use it they will find it interesting.

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