Which Blogging Platform should I use?


Blogging is popular these days and every day new blogs are created on different blogging platforms. Not so many people know other blogging platforms except Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. Today i want to introduce you to more blogging platforms so you can find one that will best suit your type of content and audience.

Different blogging platforms allow different levels of control and content. The best blogging platform is one that will suit your need in creating and distributing contents while connecting with your audience easily. Do you want to start a blog but not sure which blogging platform will be best for your blog? Let’s see the different blogging platforms and find out which you should use and why.

Top Blogging Platforms

Which Blogging Platform should I use

Tumblr: Tumblelogs or simply Tumblr is relatively a new blogging platform that is easy and simple. With over 150 million blogs and almost 70 billion blog posts, Tumblr has become one of the biggest blogging platforms to share contents you find and create.

So if you want to create contents easily and fast or discover contents created or shared by other people, then Tumblr is the perfect blogging platform for you. Tumblr also has a flavor of social media integrated in it as you can follow other blogs and reblog posts by other bloggers easily.

Penzu: If you simply want to take notes and keep them to yourself just like you will normally do with your diary, then Penzu should be your choice. Penzu is a free online diary and personal journal with a focus on privacy.

See Penzu as your free personal and online diary where you can write down your thoughts or write a journal of notes privately and secure. Penzu can be used by teachers, educators, coaches, therapists and a lot more different type of professionals to take notes easily online. So if you are looking to write down your super thoughts, Penzu will serve you best and it’s free too.

Which Blogging Platform should I use

Blogger: Blogger is a blogging platform owned by Google and it is a very awesome blogging platform for anyone who wants to create a professional blog without having to spend a dime. Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms that will give you the flexibility to create and customize your own website as you want.

You can upload and customize your own template, design and make your site look anyhow you desire and publish contents as you wish. Whether it is videos, photos or texts, Blogger allows all types of contents. With a great backend, you can moderate your site and you don’t even have to pay for webhosting because it is hosted on Google server for you.

You can even purchase a custom domain and redirect your blog to a .com instead of the normal .blogspot.com as it allows. I can offer you such service if you will like to remove the .blogspot.com at the end of your domain name.

WordPress: WordPress seems to be the most advanced blogging platform today. It allows you to create and distribute contents with the whole internet. With a lot of customization options, WordPress is the most flexible blogging platform to work on.

My blog – Netmediablog is running on a WordPress platform, I have a couple of other blogs that run on WordPress as well. I love WordPress and will always recommend it. There are two types of WordPress services though, the free hosted WordPress with limited control called WordPress.com and the self hosted WordPress with full control and flexibility known as WordPress.org.

Running a self hosted WordPress blog involves obtaining a domain name and a web hosting package, installing and customizing your theme and Plugins to suit your need. Then you can start creating your contents and sharing on the web just like I do with this blog.

Which Blogging Platform should I use

I also design and customize WordPress sites for clients, if you are interested in owning a WordPress blog, contact me via the contact page for more discussions on this.

LiveJournal: LiveJournal is an awesome blogging platform. It’s simply an online journal service with an emphasis on user interactions. It has both free and premium options, the premium option allows access to premium features of course.

LiveJournal can be used as a private journal, a weblog (blog), a social network or even used as a discussion forum.

TypePad: TypePad though a premier blogging platform for professionals is an excellent blogging platform. With fully customizable blog design option, analytics integration and easy publishing features, you can build a very powerful blog with TypePad easily.

If you want to run a professional blog without having to worry about the hassles of web hosting, blog designing as TypePad has a lot of awesome templates to choose from, then TypePad should be your best blogging platform choice.

Weebly: Weebly is an excellent tool for creating blogs. With its drag and drop interface you can easily design a website. It’s a breeze to include beautiful photo galleries, videos, audio clips, and other widgets to your site with Weebly.

Ipernity: Are you looking for a blogging platform to publish videos, photos, audios etc? Then Ipernity is the best platform for you. Ipernity lets you create your photo blog or video blog and share your content with the whole world easily.

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I hope I have been able to cover the best blogging platforms and given you reasons to choose which blogging platform will best suit your type of content and audience. Now let me hear from you, what blogging platform do you find exciting on my list and why? Have you used any of the above listed blogging platforms? What was your experience? Which will you recommend to anyone out there looking to become a blogger? Are there other blogging platforms I may have omitted on my list?

Share your views using the comment form below; remember to subscribe to my blog by entering your name and email on the subscription form on the sidebar.

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  1. I will be wrong saying that I have used them, I have used only few of them such as “Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and somewhat Livejournal. Few of them you have mentioned i never heard about it. Thanks for the Good description which you have sent across with these Blogging website. Especially the last part which you have summed up as “Must Read”. A Really Good one.


  2. you have mentioned them all, anyway have tried blogger and wordpress platforms, they are some great and easy to set up. I really love there interface with lot of great features. but to say the fact, i enjoy being in wordpress
    dawatech recently posted..HOW TO RUN ANDROID APP AND GAMES ON YOUR PCMy Profile

  3. I think it really depends on your skill level as far as website coding is concerned. WP is a great platform, but requires plenty of work by the blogger to get it fully customized. Blogger is a great out of the box solution.

  4. Hey Nwosu,

    Great list, not short of options :)

    I use WordPress on all my blogs. So far so good. I love the support, big developer community and the large selection of plugins that it offers.

    I agree that other platforms, particularly blogger and Tumblr have some great advantages and features. But to grow a blog into a brand, I guess WordPress is the best choice.

    If I were to maintain an image centric blog, I’d go for Tumblr. What say Nwosu?


  5. Indeed! I think that every blogging platform can be plated with specific users. For example,
    I have a simple way to classify them for bloggers.

    Newbie and doesn’t want to spend much initially > Blogger

    Wants to blog professionally with intention of expanding > WordPress

    Casual blogging and bragging > Tumblr

    Neat post by the way :)

  6. Hi Nwosu,

    I too use WP.

    It seems to be the top platform themes, editing, design, plug ins. Uber robust and helpful, you can build your brand and audience by going the WP route.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nice article. Well written too.
    This can indeed be a daunting choice for a new blogger. It is not uncommon to see beginners make a wrong choice because of lack of guidance.
    Hope this will help newbies make a sensible and more well-informed decision. :)

  8. No doubt WordPress is the undisputed king of blogging. It has bigger variety of plugins, templates, etc. More important WP Is SEO Friendly and suppost is damn awesome. Can not say anything bad about Blogspot but I honestly prefer WordPress.

    Thanks for sharing Nwosu.

  9. I have used Blogger, WordPress and Tumbler..and WordPress on self hosted is winner for me….Now I have all of my sites on self hosted WordPress installation…
    I like blogger also which can be used with custom domain, if we do not want to spend much…
    Sanjeev recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review: A Powerhouse That Can Fit In HandMy Profile

  10. Hi Bro
    Once Again i m reading your extraordinary post.i all ways Recommended WordPress Platform For all the bloggers,because it is easy to use and have more and more functions

    Keep Sharing Bro
    Wish U success

  11. Hey Nwosu,

    I think almost all the blogging platforms have their own pros and cons…No one is perfect…..I personally prefer to use Blogger and WordPress….No doubt WordPress is the best CMS software in the world, but over the year blogger has improved a lot….Nice post though….keep writing mate….
    Aditya Dey recently posted..[Infographic] A detailed Study on Smartphone Users Around the WorldMy Profile

  12. Hello Nwosu Mavtrevor,

    Thank a ton for sharing the info on the different blogging sites available in the market.. This would really help me. very nice articles. thanks alot. keep writing.
    One thing about Blogger: it uses a complicated photo archive system that involves off-site storage. (Picasweb originally, but now being migrated to Google+, making things even more obtuse.) The worst part is, if you change your privacy settings on that non-Blogger site, it removes every picture from your entire blog, irreversibly, without any warning.

    Thus, I am looking for something better. I was passably happy with Blogger before this happened, but I’m afraid there’s just no excuse for such incredibly bad design. (Still can’t get over the “no warning” part; changing that setting was a just a single click, without any warning that it would wipe out any associated blogs.)

    • That’s because Google linked all their products and services to their accounts but then Blogger to WordPress migration these days are seamless and you can always move to a platform that can give you more freedom and flexibility.

  13. Some of those platforms are just new to me. Among the tops are blogger.com and wordpress which are of course reigning.

  14. Tumbler is a great blogging platform where if someone write interesting topics they quickly become viral but WordPress remains the best option for blogging in version WordPress.org because of increased flexibility and community well-developed,all other blog platform Weebly,Yola,LiveJournal etc. from what i see are used more in SEO process.

  15. Ipernity is very new for me , blogging is the most vital and useful part of social promotion. awesome research on blogging thanks.

  16. Hey Nwosu,

    Great list of blogging platforms. I tend to love using WordPress. I think I like it because you have the ability to use different themes and plugins.

    Plus I’ve been using it since I got started online. It’s kind of hard to switch to something else when you find something that you really like.

    Thanks for the heads up on the other options though. I had no idea about some of them.

    Have a great day.
    Susan Velez recently posted..Flipping Websites Challenge – My Auction ResultsMy Profile

  17. Blogger and wordpress are ultimate blogging tool. I am using both the blogging platform……

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