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According to Wikipedia’s definition, web browsers are “Software applications for retrieving, presenting, and transverse information resources on the world wide web (www).”An information resource here is simply a “Uniform resource identifier” or simply url which could be a web page, multimedia (images, video etc) or other piece of content.

Users navigate the web with the use of hyperlinks (html) so you can simply say that web browsers are software applications used to view html documents.

Best web browsers.

How a web browser retrieves a web page: Web pages are normally written or encoded in html codes and other programming languages like php, asp, cold fusion etc, so the web browser simply retrieves or fetches this codes from a web server, interpret the code and display it as a web page to the user. So when a url is typed into the browser you are simply telling the browser where to look for the code, it fetches it, interprets it and displays the content. Example of a url is . In this case i am telling the web browser to fetch the content of the about us page on the netmediablog domain.

Types of web browsers: Over the years there has been generations of web browsers, but then web browsers are classified according to their functionality and platforms, we have mobile-based browsers like opera mini, bolt, ucweb etc .There are also text-based, mosaic-based and so many more…..a comprehensive list can be found on Wikipedia. Today we have a lot of web browsers, but i will concentrate on the popular few for this discussion.

Firefox: Firefox is one of the best web browsers today, loaded with great functionality the designers had speed in mind when they designed. Its a fast web browser and its as well free. it has cool addons, great colours and themes, search box for web searches. It can be tabbed, that is you can open different websites at a time on one browser. Its simply cool.

Google Chrome: Google Chrome is a new generation web browser produced by Google, it can be used on recent OS like Vista, Windows 7 and even Windows XP. This browser is a very fast browser and its also free. Its security measures are also another great features of this great browser.

Internet Explorer: This is one of the oldest web browsers alive today, it is owned by Microsoft. Several updates has generated the slow internet explorer we used to know to a fast browser with the release of version 9. it has alot of addons now, its about the most secure web browser.

Opera: Opera may not be the most popular web browser but we cannot talk about web browsers without mentioning opera, its compatibility with many OS has been the secret of its success, it is mostly used by experienced users.

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