Best SEO Tips For 2014


Search engine optimization is constantly evolving and you need to ensure you stay on top of it at all times. There are of course some of the core elements that will always stay important but at the same time new practices and focus points arise as well.

To guarantee your business is on top of the SEO world in 2014 here are some SEO tips for 2014 to help you out.

Best SEO Tips For 2014

Mobiles Are The King

The technological revolution has been rapid and if there is one device that is the king of this revolution then it is the mobile phone.

Mobiles have turned into smartphones that provide so many practical and fun functions for people.

This has meant that there has been a turn away from the desktop computer. People are now more likely to search and find out information using their mobile rather than using a computer.

The smartphone market is also expanding fast and more affordable phones means that more people will start using them. Therefore SEO has to adjust to mobiles in 2014. It is necessary for any business to think about their website suitability for mobiles. According to the article at Mobile Marketer Google is also focusing on algorithms to enhance the search functions for mobile users.

Optimizing for mobiles isn’t too difficult either. The key is to focus on accessibility and guaranteeing that the user interface is simple and reliable. Mobile phone searches are also often done by using different listings apps and thus joining these is essential in 2014.

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Localization Is Power

There has long been talk about the importance of localisation in SEO and 2014 is the year when you finally have to tackle this. As mentioned above the rise of mobile phones has really enhanced the way people search and finding local content is a major factor.

Naturally the changes of Google’s search algorithm with the update to Hummingbird have also been a key factor in bringing localisation to the forefront of SEO. Therefore getting your content optimized for local keywords and even geo-tagging your content is going to be crucial for success in 2014.

There are many good localized SEO software solutions you should try out. For instance, Bright Local offers SEO software that can improve the way you optimize your content for local searches. Make sure you test out different software to find the best ones to help your business.

Social Aspect Is Empowerment

SEO shouldn’t also be used in order to build a brand anymore. Instead SEO should be used in a social context and be all about creating a social community for your business. Businesses are increasingly becoming places where people share and exchange opinions and experiences.

Therefore in 2014 you need to focus on achieving better social media SEO. Create a platform where your customers and potential customers can come and share. This way you are going to attract new customers much more quicker.

Organic and customer focused SEO are going to be essential aspects for the New Year.The above tips can help you focus on the right aspects of SEO in 2014. They will help you improve your content and become closer to your customers.

This is a guest post by Janine. She is passionate about helping businesses use SEO the right way. When she isn’t reading more about this practice she likes to improve her knowledge on finance-related matters and has recently gotten excited about investing.


  1. I think more will be less in 2014. I start to unfriend and unfollow and get more focused in order to get more out if. Focusing on quality is the key for 2014 and beyond in my opinion.

  2. TharunTwitter: bloggerbulk says:

    Hello Nwosu Mavtrevor Sir,
    That was indeed a superb post. Really SEO won’t die until this earth expires. Search engines need SEO so giving us these seo tips are just awesome for me. thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  3. Short but sweet article, Janine. No doubts. I am not sure about it containing the “best” SEO tips for 2014, :) but I will say this is timely, considering how much SEO has changed in the last year.

    You are absolutely right about how absolutely essential it is to optimize for mobile now. It’s the right step, moving forward. And yes, with how cheap smartphones are now, more and more people will begin to use them.

    I even hear of bloggers that only blog from their smartphones nowadays. That’s really interesting.

    And thanks for linking to the article at Mobile Marketer of also focusing on algorithms to enhance the search functions for mobile users!

    You are also right about the need to focus on achieving better social media rather than just SEO. About the new term “social media SEO”, hmmm, interesting.

    Once again, very good article, Janine. And thanks to Nwosu, for sharing this on the Internet marketing social networking site, I found it helpful and I “kingged” it. I am sure others will do the same, :)
    Kingsley recently posted..Choose Wisely: 4 Reasons Images MatterMy Profile

  4. NateTwitter: follownateleung says:

    SEO will never die. As long as people are searching, SEO will be around. Now the rules of SEO are changing but as bloggers we need to learn to be open to those changes and adjust. If we’re going to play on their platform we must play by the rules but at the same time, we can still create opportunities for ourselves. Thanks for the great post!

  5. frank josephTwitter: moneyhomeblogg says:

    Thank you for this post.
    Janine you have a good grasps on SEO and i have just checked out your blog.
    And sometime i hear this phrase: SEO IS DEAD.
    They should keep dreaming and wishing, so long there is people searching, then it will keep on getting stronger and changing.
    frank joseph recently posted..Journey to $200 a month using Amazon and AdsenseMy Profile

  6. Riya Khurana says:

    you said perfectly right that Mobiles or smartphones will be the king in blogging field.Your website should be flexible to mobile user…
    thanks for sharing it….

  7. Now SEO is all about giving good user experience, If more users are satisfied with your efforts/services then you’ll most likely to rank higher. You now need to start offering solutions to your audience instead of just building thousands of unrelated and low quality links.
    Aahna recently posted..PPC consultant indiaMy Profile

  8. iDevTwitter: idevtechnolabs says:

    You are right i agree with you. In today’s’ time number of user of smart phone are increase and we also have to keep in mind while doing seo. Day by day seo is more useful for all and our sites get enough rank in search engine.

  9. SundayTwitter: sunnykingged says:

    SEO in 2014 is just going to build on the advantages garnered in 2013. The emphasis on mobile will, no doubt, be a key factor for Search engine optimizers, this would still impact on the effectiveness on how socials are going to be embraced.

    Mobile, socials, and local SEO are truly going to empower marketers in 2014, however, its still important we don’t neglect the consistently changing guidelines of the search engines at every points of its update.

    Its interesting to leave this comment in where I found this post syndicated and shared for Internet marketers and bloggers.

    Sunday – contributor

  10. SPGTwitter: SPGTechSoft says:

    Hello I read it blog Very clear decribe in this post About seo tips. I have re twitted this post

    • BhaveshTwitter: idevtechnolabs says:

      Hey SPG, This post comes up with so many good information that helps in Search Engine Optimization a lot. I think this helps blogger more.

  11. Jack Van Jaarsveld says:

    I think the rise in the use of mobiles is definitely the biggest change for seo

  12. Steph Riggs says:

    Exactly more use of mobiles for visiting websites allow SEO professionals to think about changing their techniques of SEO and make it mobile friendly. The first thing which you need for this purpose is mobile friendly website. Your website and all categories must be displayed in good manner on mobiles so that people read posts without any problem. Apparently, if your website will be display in distorted way on mobile then visitor will move to other websites. I think this is big tip for 2014 to optimize your website according to mobile SEO.

  13. Hi, I am new in SEO and wanting to be a perfect SEO expert so I will implement your instructions.
    I love the worthwhile information which you discussed in your post. I’ll bookmark your blog and investigate yet. Thanks for sharing

  14. James CollinsTwitter: IF_Web says:

    Thank you for this very useful information, I found the section on SEO in Social Media to be particularly interesting and will be using this more often in 2014!

  15. PallaviTwitter: nexus-vi says:

    Hey, you wrote really an impressive article about SEO tips and I will try to follow your instruction for myself.
    Thanks for sharing such as useful post about best SEO tips.

  16. Spook SEOTwitter: spookseo says:

    Hello Nwosu!

    Thumbs up for this excellent article. You are certainly right that optimizing for mobiles is really not that difficult. I do believe that the key is just to focus on accessibility and assuring that the user interface is simple as well as trustworthy. Thank you very much for this and I am really looking forward to read more of your articles.

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