Basic factors to consider before choosing the best web host

Choosing the right web host is a step in the right direction for every website/blog owner. There are so many web hosting companies out there offering premium web hosting services, but I am telling you not all of them are worth the trouble. It is not easy either making a choice for the best web host considering all the factors I am going to discuss below. You need knowledge of these factors to help you make the right choice when it comes to deciding which web host is best for your website or blog. So whether you are a problogger or you are looking to start a blog or website for your small business soon, for whatever reason it is that requires you to choose a web host, please read this post carefully so you can understand what and what to look out for while choosing the best web host.

The basic factors to consider before choosing the best web host includes:

Security: In as much as your website or blog security is your sole duty, good amount of security should also be ensured by your web hosting company. Sites have been reported to have been hacked as a result of poor security by the web hosting companies. Hackers may have access to your site no matter the amount of security you personally ensured on your site through your web host. So you must consider what other are saying about a web hosting company before choosing them as your best web host. Find as much as you can on Google before deciding on using them to host your website.

Speed: Google hates slow sites, if your site is slow to load web pages then you are in trouble with Google. Your site page load time is a major factor in ranking in Google. So you must consider the speed of the servers of the web host. Be sure to ask your web hosting company their server speed so you don’t lose your visitors because of slow connection speed from your web host’s server.

Uptime & Downtime: I definitely will go for any web host whose uptime is around 99.9% compared to 99.5%. Uptime and Downtime should be a major factor to consider while choosing the best web host. You can’t afford to be offline as a result of poor uptime & downtime from your web hosting company. Always consider this option.

Reliability: Consider how long your web host has been into web hosting business. They must have a good reputation and high record of good service. Their response to any situation concerning their services is an indication of how serious and reliable such web host is. Can they provide reliable backups?

Support: I wouldn’t want to choose any web host that will take as much as two days or more to respond to any situation. Imagine choosing a web host that hardly answers their calls when you call their office. Any good web hosting company should have a good technical support. I want to call my web host and get a real person on the phone that can solve my problems immediately. I want money back guarantees if anything should go wrong from their end. I want a 24/7 support for any web host I am choosing and so should you.

Tech Specifications: I once acquired a web hosting plan for a friend once when I didn’t have knowledge of the basic factors to consider while choosing the best web host, not knowing they do not host php files. Can you imagine? Some web hosts may not be clear on what and what they can offer or not, please write them and find out their tech specs if its not listed on their site.

Other Features: What and what features does my web hosting plan come with? I wouldn’t want to end up with Plesk when I need a cPanel. Does it support emails? Addon domains? Subdomains? Backup features? Is it a dedicated or shared IP? How about Software/Services? Database? Mailing lists? How  much monthly bandwidth does it come with? Etc…. you have to consider all these and more before you can decide which web hosting company to choose.

Price: Lastly, Price….yes you heard me right Price. My best web host is the one whose features and security is in agreement with how much I can afford. The feature-price ratio should always be a factor to consider while making this choice. It won’t be nice to pay much for nothing.

Conclusion: While I cannot stand here to condemn or praise any particular web hosting company, there are quite a good number of good web hosting companies that met most of the above listed factors and are affordable, there are others that will unnecessarily ban you for nothing.

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    This will guide newbies and evry other webmaster to choosing the best webhost company.
    thanks once more

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