Are you under-utilizing Google Docs?

Google docs is a free web-based service provided by Google as web applications with similar functionality to office suits. Google docs have made it possible to create, read and edit office documents online even without installing any application. Google docs allow users to work on a document in real-time with other users. So while I can be editing a spreadsheet document in Nigeria, you can be working on same sheet in Hong Kong and another person in New York all at same time making it easy for teams to collaborate on projects.

Google Docs is a suite of online productivity apps such as Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Form, and Drawing with option to connect more apps. You can connect apps like Drive notepad, Docusign, CloudConvert, OpenOffice Document Reader, Office, AutoCad 360 etc. there are so many apps to choose from with the Google Drive service.

Google Docs supports the following file formats; Microsoft Word (.DOC and .DOCX), Microsoft Excel (.XLS and .XLSX), Microsoft PowerPoint (.PPT and .PPTX), Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF), Apple Pages (.PAGES), Adobe Illustrator (.AI), Adobe Photoshop (.PSD), Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF), Autodesk AutoCad (.DXF), Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG), PostScript (.EPS, .PS), Fonts (.TTF, .OTF), XML Paper Specification (.XPS), Archive file types (.ZIP and .RAR).

google docs

Users can upload and edit/read any of the mentioned formats to their Google Drive account even without installing any Office application on their PC. Google Docs was made possible by cloud computing and just like other cloud computing document-sharing services, it requires you to upload documents online or create a new one.

It is not necessarily true that Google Docs can be useful for students and institutions alone, businesses, webmaster and even bloggers like me can find these apps very useful. Google Docs does not require any software installations, the only thing needed to use these apps are web browsers. Google Docs is compatible with web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox , Safari and Google Chrome. Google Docs also requires you to have a Gmail account.

But often times we under-utilize these apps, so many people do not even know it existed or even how to use it. Google Docs is an incredible tool for everyone who uses the internet whether you are a student, a blogger, a business man etc. There is a good chance you are not using Google Docs to its full capacity so I intend to share with you some of the things you can do with Google Docs.

What you can do with Google Docs:

Preview Documents online: With Google Docs you can preview your documents before opening or even downloading them to your PC.

Create/Edit Documents: You can create a document quickly online or even edit an existing one without having to install or use any traditional application. As a blogger I use this a lot, I create quick documents online with Google Docs and save important information so I do not have to carry them around. And the best part is that I can have access to them even from another PC or Tablet.

Create PDFs Online: This is the easiest method for me to create PDF files online even without an application.

Create Forms: I also find Google Docs useful in creating online forms, so while making a research you can use Google Docs to gather your research information, ask for opinions using Google forms. Using Google forms I can also monitor my blog uptime/downtime just like I explained in this article titled “How to Monitor Blog Downtime”.

Create Graphs: Google Docs can also help you create graphs, visuals are great tools for getting your point across. This is possible with Google Spreadsheets.

Create Presentations: Google Slides allows you to create and edit presentations online even without installing any application. You can even embed images and videos in such presentations.

Document Revisioning: Google Docs can help you keep track of changes that have been made on a document over the course of its lifespan. This can help you jump front and back between edits you have made over time, that way you do not need to lose anything ever in a document.

Publish to your Blog: You can publish a document from Google Docs to your blog by just clicking “Share > Publish as Web Page” in any document. Next click “Set your blog site settings” and enter your login details. You can publish to Blogger, LiveJournal, SquareSpace and others.

Document Syncing: Google Docs allows you to sync your documents with Microsoft Office using tools like Syncplicity or Google Cloud Connect, so any time you make changes on any document on your PC, the changes will be reflected on the one you have on your Google Drive and vise versa.

Collaborate on a Project: Teachers and students can use Google Docs to collaborate and work on a project no matter their distance or time differences.

There are countless number of things one can use Google Docs for, take a look at the Google Docs template Gallery to see different types of templates and what you can achieve with Google Docs so you don’t have to underuse it again. Google Docs can be very useful to you, make good use of it and improve your productivity.

Have you ever used Google Docs in the past? What exactly did you use it for? Mind sharing with me using the comment below? Remember to subscribe to my RSS feed.


  1. Donatus says

    Thanks for sharing, never thought of using google doc to create a pdf file. Will check it. nice review.

  2. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    Another very useful article. Thumb up to your effort!

    I’m using Google doc to compose my posts. Often I start my post in home and needs to continue it afterwards wherever I go. Google doc made me possible to be with my writings wherever I go without carrying anything.

    It’s really a useful offer and truly love it. Hope your post will spread the awareness and more people will get benefits.

  3. says

    So it won’t use the same storage account that Picasa and gmail use? I just purchased 200 gigs of space, and it would be nice to have that space shared among all my google apps.

  4. says

    hi there suresh and nwosu. i still remember when we used google docs as a replacement of posting our article links to our walls. many members do not like it but i and ryan love it though. but suresh has to remove it since many does not like it

    based on the consensus about google docs in our comment xchange group it is clear that many of us is not yet aware of this application and yes we (including me since i am not aware that many file supports this app) under-utilize it.

  5. says

    Yes Nwosu….lol ;) I need to use G Docs for my article writing campaign, as my girlfriend swears by it.

    After seeing your breakdown I may have to shift my focus from Excel to G Docs;much more dynamic, don’t you think?

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. says

    Hey Bro,
    Google Doc really an good source which i engage with it regularly for writing and maintaining some records because its help me access from anywhere thanks for sharing about it on your blog and expect others to try this stuff

  7. says

    Nice post again :)

    I am using google doc to create forms, to collect the views of my readers and to Preview Documents online !
    This is really a nice service of google.

    Thank you for sharing about Google docs. Have a great time ahead !

  8. says

    Thanks Ryan for your comment, definitely Google Docs can be a great resource for someone like you who travels a lot so you don’t lose or leave anything behind someday.

  9. says

    Very Informative post. Seriously I was not aware that Google Docs has features like this. I just use Google Docs to preview my E-mail Attached files. And sometimes use to create word file to note important thing online. :D

    Thanks for this awesome information. :)

  10. says

    Hello Nwosu,

    Great Share.!

    Very useful article and informative post about google docs. thanks for writing and sharing with us :)

    stay updated ans stay rocking ;) :P


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