About Me:

There’s so much to tell you of course, but in an attempt to keep from boring you until you want to gouge your eyes out (lolz), I’ll make this a brief one.

I am currently a web designer and data analyst, freelance writer, editor and blogging consultant. I design for business owners who want help developing a web presence. I also ghost write for quite a couple of nice blogs.

I am a graduate of Industrial Chemistry from Abia State University. While in the university, I discovered my love for writing and designing.

In the past I’ve designed a number of great and successful websites for me and others.

I love the computers and internet of course; I love travelling but then don’t travel much. I am currently residing in Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State in Nigeria. I am also single and having fun.

My best games are scrabble, football manager and car racing.

Although this is the last bit of info I’m offering about myself, it’s actually the most important and the much I can say about myself.

Anyway, that is me. If you’re still reading I guess that means you still have both of your eyes and have chosen not to gouge them out in boredom, Lolz…Thanks all the same.

I am open to guest posts if you’re open to writing one through Guest Post.

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