7 Reasons you are not getting enough Social Media Traffic

Why am I not getting enough traffic to my blog from Facebook? This is a typical question asked by so many bloggers who struggle to drive significant Social media traffic. Social media is the biggest source of referral traffic these days and you will be missing out on a lot if you are not driving enough Social media traffic to your blog.

Social media is a powerful tool to promoting any product or service, it has redefined the way we do business and interact and most especially the way we share information. It is easier and faster to share information via the Social media and since that is what we do mostly as bloggers, we should be situated right in the middle of it to help us spread our content faster.

Not getting enough Social media traffic?

7 Reasons you are not getting enough Social Media Traffic

1. Your content Quality: You must have heard it severally that content is king, same applies to Social media. Social media empowers quality content spread, but doesn’t do much when your content sucks. Any content with good quality can go viral on Social media in the shortest period of time.

It’s easier for people to re-share a piece of content they find informative and relevant. So if you are not getting enough Social media traffic take a look at your content quality first and improve it.

2. Is your blog Social media friendly? Apart from having quality contents on your blog, you may not be getting enough Social media traffic just because your blog is not Social media friendly. If you do not make it easy for people to share your contents to the various Social media sites then you may not be able to get significant traffic from the Social media sites.

Ensure to have the Social media sharing buttons available on your blog and in an easy-to-see position to enable your visitors share your blog posts for their friends and relatives on the social media sites to see. The more the shares the more the eyeballs that will see your content and the more likeliness more people will follow the shared contents back to your blog.

3. You are not active on the Social networks: How do you intend to generate significant Social media traffic when you are not even active on the social networks?  You can’t expect people to check out your contents when you are not there to engage with them via comments. You need to be active on the social networks, build your fan base and always engage actively with your audience.

Try and create an account on the various major Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+, properly update your profiles and ensure to put your own pictures on them, then make it a habit to actively engage your audience always on these social networks, grow your fan/follower base, build relationships with your fans, help them out when you can and see the power of Social media at work in promoting your contents.

4. How often do you post to the Social media? Frequency they say builds momentum, the more you post on the social networks the more people will see and notice your contents. Do not spam your social media accounts so as not to piss off your fans & followers. You need a schedule on how many times you should post a day, I say 2-3 times a day is fair.

Also monitor and track your shares to discover the best moments to share your contents, from my experience and depending on your niche early mornings and just before people go to sleep is the perfect time to share contents. This will improve your social media traffic a lot.

5. Avoid automated posting: I know we have so many tasks as bloggers and often times try to automate some tasks like content distribution to the social media sites but then am advising you otherwise. Even if you are to do it, please balance it with your personal visit to these sites to interact with your fans/followers.

You have to understand that social media is not automatic, so you should manually handle your post sharing and engagement with your audience and respond to their individual needs if you are to drive some significant Social media traffic to your blog.

6. Are you using other types of media other than text? Most bloggers only share text updates, yes while this may work for twitter it won’t for Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. Other types of media such as videos and image have been proven to convert more than just text updates.

So try and share visual contents like high quality images and videos on the various social media and see how much it can improve your Social media traffic.

7. Do you promote your social media contents? Do you know that just a fraction of your fans can see the posts you shared? In a post I published earlier on this blog titled “How the news feed tweak has affected Facebook traffic” , I explained how the new Facebook news algorithm tweak has reduced the percentage of people/fans that can see the contents you shared.

So it is imperative you use the “Promote your post” tool sometimes to promote your posts on Facebook and “Sponsored post” feature in other Social media sites to promote your posts for more people to see it. That way you can increase the number of people that sees your posts and thus improve your social media traffic.

Now Over to You…

What other reasons do you think could make one not to drive significant Social media traffic to his blog? What is your secret of successfully driving huge traffic from the social networks to your blog? Share your thoughts or your questions in the comment section. I’m pretty sure you have something to say!

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  1. says

    Agreed ! quality of content is the blood for any blog or website. and ofscourse social media also playing vital roll to show the world your abilities. i am using automated posting for my blog but never thought about this point. An other helping post for bloggers. Thanks for sharing dear.

  2. says

    Hi Mavtrevor,
    these are valid points to consider when doing social media marketing.
    I suggest three simple words:
    Be Honest
    Be Real
    Be Yourself
    Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. says

    Among the points you’ve mentioned #2 & #3 are the most vital in my opinion.

    I encounter many times that blogs do not have any buttons to share on social networks. You can’t expect me to copy your URL and paste in Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to share your content. Many times they loose sharing simply because there are no buttons for that.

    In other cases, though there are buttons, they are not properly configured. If there is twitter button and it does not contain @userName embedded in tweet message, I feel so sad. Why would somebody not interested to track the retweets and sharing? You could simply fill in the boxes in plugin to configure those buttons but you ignored it?

    Thanks Nwosu for such a nice post ringing the alarm bell in all the required aspects.

  4. says

    automation is not really advisable since once twitter realized that the tweets are purely automated, they usually suspend account. i cannot remember the name of a popular automated software which it do not only post tweets automatically but it also add followers automatically based on certain keywords. i think that is tweet adder ..also advertisers in sponsored tweets do not like users who automate message via twit. they prefer interaction

  5. says

    yes Marilyn automation is considered an offence in social media but then you can be minimal about it and balance it with your manual engagements with them so they wont know its on autopilot.

  6. says

    Yes Abraham the post title should be persuasive enough to make people want to read it but ensure to match the title with relevant high content quality so as not o disappoint them else they won’t come again.

  7. says

    Hey Nwosu,

    All this are very valid points which every blogger and aspiring bloggers must aim towards achieving for them to truly be an achiever on and off the blogosphere.

    You have shared nice points and I so much resonated with #1, #2, #3, and in short all of them but I would still like to single one out and that is content, it is very important that content are at every time excellent filled and one that is closely related to that would be consistency. I and Adrienne Smith always hammer on this a lot. Without consistency you cannot truly succeed in life’s endeavour and that’s why I think it’s highly important and I guess it buttress your #3 point.

    This is really an amazingly great post, thanks for sharing it with us. :)


  8. says

    Hi, Nwosu Mavtrevor

    These are important point. We all should share our old posts via social media and It’s important for taking to the list of daily plan job.

    Thanks for your sharing.

  9. says

    True! content is king for every blog/website. We get good traffic from social media, but only when we have great number of fans and followers.
    Well thanks for this article!

  10. says

    Hi Nwosu Mavtrevor
    Really we think that we are getting traffic from social media but something is still lacking because we are not getting enough traffic as you have mentioned above. So I think we should follow the steps you have mentioned above to make our traffic maintained.
    Thanks for sharing this great idea to us.

  11. says

    I completely agree with you “content is king”. a good content attracts lots of traffic.As well as you have to be an active member so that people know you & read your content.

  12. says

    Hey Nwosu,

    well-written mate, the importance of social media is increasing and if you are not getting enough from there then you are loosing giant traffic, traffic which you could easily convert into your readers. Instead of loosing the precious readers one should learn from the amazing guides available on the world wide web just like this one. Thanks :)

  13. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    I have to admit that when it comes to social media, I don’t do enough of it. I may be active one day and then not visit again for several days.

    I just don’t seem to have the time to devote to it everyday. I need to work this into my day so I can get better results.

    Thanks for the tips and I will be implementing some of them to see if I can improve my social media traffic.

  14. says

    Hey Bro social media which changing the world now if you use them in right direction sure you can see the traffic but i do agree that automatic sharing can hurt at some situation but some pro bloggers feeling good with on it but i normally share my own between enjoyed reading the post

  15. says

    Hey Mavtrevor,
    You have done a fantastic job. Really these are good way to enough traffic from social media. Social media is an important part of traffic. Google may kick off traffic but not social media followers. The fact you said is always true. Content is always king. That surely applicable any where.

    Thanks for your post. I need to concentrate in some tips mentioned above that would surely going to help me in future. Thanks again.

  16. says

    I like the fact that you put content at the top of the list. As you stated content IS king and readers will follow great content. You also need to make sure you are engaging with your readers on the blog via comment and on other social media channels.

    Nice article.

  17. says

    Hi Desmond,
    This is my first time of coming here but i must say you are a good writer, i quite agree with all the tips you shared here and i love the avoid posting automatically part because the way any tool would post your link might not help get traffic but when you do it manually, you can add pics and write a little description about the post. Nice one boss


  18. says

    Hey Nwosu,

    Yet another interesting post! Do you believe when I was starting up 2months ago, I used to think after I had hit publish that’s all. Never knew I was a joke. Well, I’d learned fast and started promoting my works but not getting a good result so I thought there perhaps were other means people like u make use of. But now I know is the same technique but consistency would be the only differing factor from whether I would also get targeted and quality traffic like you and the other blogging boss.

    You have shared a great post, bros. Thanks!


  19. says

    Sam there are post publication tasks one need to do to promote hos posts and i know if you really follow my guides you will find the posts i have made earlier where i shared my traffic secrets and how and what i do to get traffic after hitting the publish button.

  20. says

    Nice post Nwosu :)

    Staying active in social media is vital for the internet marketers these days and thanks for the tips.

    Yeah, the content should be worth and I too suggest that the posts should be shared manually.

    Hope am doing all the tips you’ve provided and will check again to get enough social media traffic for my blog.

  21. says

    Hi Nwosu,
    I totally agree with the points listed by you above.
    The most important ones of them being not using automated posting to social networks and not sharing anything else but your posts at the various networks. I am sure no one will like you, follow you or share your pins if you use those networks merely as promotional tools.
    You have to be active around various networks to be able to drive good traffic from them.

  22. says

    Nirmala you are active on Facebook i hope you are that active on other social networks like Google+, Twitter and Pinterest mostly. you can drive tons of traffic from these sites following the guides here.

  23. says

    Sure ! I agree with the post. Regular creative updates share with lots of friends/followers is helpful for strong Social media. There should be time to time reply of their post and comments/reviews. Thanks for update!

  24. says

    Thanks for great share Nwosu,
    I used to get nice amount of traffic at my early stage of blogging but I am currently not an active promoter of my blog posts on Social Sites.

    Hope this suggestions will definitely gonna help me.

  25. says

    I think one of the keys is to keep active on your blog, even if you are taking a break try to post atleast once a week.
    Even if you don’t post on your blog post on your social media sites. Share others post and RT

  26. says

    Hi Nwosu, i agree! social media is really over hyped and the old concept of ‘content is king ‘ still holds good! people just cant hide behind their “thousands of followers” , the followers are useless if the person cant create content!

  27. says

    Content quality is certainly essential and being relevant is included in that. Do your very, very best to post content that your audience want to read, not what interests you so much. I notice increases or decreases in traffic based upon what I am posting, ie about what. The more I try to post what my audience wants to read about the better.

  28. says

    We should upload image while we are sharing blog post link on social media networks. Social media is a great and easy way to drive more traffic for our blogs. Thanks for this article.!!

  29. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    These are some great tips for anyone who wants to start using social media more effectively. I’ve started getting my feet wet with social media, but haven’t put a marketing strategy in full-effect yet.

    After reading your tips, I have a better idea of what to do and what not to do. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.

  30. says

    Hi sir,

    It is very nice post, it’ll help me a lot for getting social media traffic. Thanks a lot ! Keep Posting More Post.Thanks a Lot

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