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    Nice list of plugins Nwosu. My favorite is Flare, its pretty and doesn’t play up on a mobile device unlike some of the other ones. But I wish there were more options for users. I’ve tried all of them listed here and thankfully found one that worked well for my blog, but the choices are not much, are they!

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    Flare is indeed an awesome social share plugin for WordPress and i am currently using it. It does not mess up mobile sites like some others and thats part of the reasons why i am using it. Thanks for your comment and have a nice weekend.

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    Hi Nwosu,

    It’s a useful post with resources to different popular sharbars. I was more interested to learn what driving force pulled you away from GetSocial to Flare? What are the additional benefits in using Flare plugin?

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    Nice collection of Social Share plugins, i am not using wordpress but i am using floating social share buttons for post, they are helping me lot to get shares !! :)

    Hoping more informative post from you !

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    Perfect timing Nwosu as I was looking for a new social share plugin these days.

    I think Flare might be it; more options it seems than other plugins and a cleaner, more refined look.

    Thanks for sharing!


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    Hi Nwosu

    Great Share.!

    Thanks for the Sharing and the List of this plugins. Currently i’m using on my Blog Sticky Social Bar :) BTW thanks for the writing ;)

    Stay updated and Stay Rocking ;) :P


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    Really nice post, thanks for sharing these sharing plugins. Flare WP plugin is my favorite plugin. Earlier Digg Digg was too famous but now Flare is becoming famous in blogging world.

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    Hi Nwosu,

    Nice post about the best floating social share plugins for WordPress, and I think I’ve tried all of them one by one :)

    When I changed my theme, I had a few major ones already in the floating bar, though later shifted to social share and added a few codes in to get Buffer and FB Share in it too. I think these two are missing in Flare and a few other main ones you mentioned, which I prefer having as people use them a great deal on my blog.

    Nevertheless, I think these are all great plugins people can choose from and thanks for sharing them with us. Have a nice weekend :)

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    Right now I’m using DiggDigg, even though I’m not a huge fan of it. Flare is pretty, but I spent faaaaaar too long trying to fix the css, as something in my layout was messing with it. I gave up because it wasn’t worth the time I was taking.

    I’m going to have a look at AddThis. Thanks!


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    Well I wouldn’t be surprised that all of these share plugins are getting more popular with all wordpress plugins. It is really necessary to have a sharing plugin for all your latest post and make them available to social media platforms.

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    The other day I was looking to change my share buttons and I was looking a couple I found on google. I actually found that I like one type of share buttons, but didn’t know the name of it. Now I do LOL… I like the Flare plugin and will now uninstall the other one and install flare… nice! Thanks!

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    I currently use digg-digg but i like the look of flare. Some of the other options you listed force the user to giver permissions to the app to post to twitter. flare and digg-digg use the native twitter interface.

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    i use addthis,it have many style you can choose.The greatest strength of this bookmarking service is its capacity to maximize sharing possibilities. With the vertical bar, you’ll be able to maintain the share menu locked into 1 position.

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    Social plugins are very necessary because search engines consider social media activities as a ranking factor and for you to get your posts shared on the social networks, you need the social share plugins.

  15. Chloe says

    Awesome list! I decided to go with the ‘get social’ plugin after reading your reviews. Thank you for the list.

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    Just curious – it is only a couple months later and it looks like you are no longer using Flare? Why is that? Is it not as good now or is something better?


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    You have complied an excellent list. My favorite from list is flare i think its truly unique, it really catches the eye and gets you more shares.

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    These really make my website look great – only three days since the search engines have crawled it, and already people are interacting with my social widget scheme. Great post.

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    Thanks for this awesome posts. I have a question for you. Are you using FSB social bar plugin for your own netmediablog? Can you tell me how can I get that?

  20. Emmy Ude says

    Thanks for the great post Nwosu – Everyone seems to like the flares, but that is not working for me. The free one cannot allow you to share on facebook. You have only “like/recommend. I am not ready to spend 89 bucks. Any other suggestion similar to flare and floating?

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