6 Ways BYOD is Reshaping the Consumerization of IT

Consumerization can be defined as the growing tendency for new information technology to emerge first in the consumer market and then spread into business and government organizations.

In big organizations, it has been seen that lately users have been demanding more access from the IT department than ever before. This trend has been ever since the Smartphone bubble explosion, which made almost every individual tech-savvy and now they’re asking for devices for work that offer a home device like experience. And to top it off, they’ve started bringing in their own devices to work. But surely consumerization will result in empowering users and third party app developers, in more than a single way. But it can turn out to be a big headache for IT departments everywhere.

The Following 6 tips are for the third parties who are targeting to take a leap over the trends:

1. Data Access from Any Place, At Any Time.

6 Ways BYOD is Reshaping the Consumerization of ITA decade ago, the process of controlling data access was something that would only be possible from the workplace, un-organized and a mess. But ever since the cloud services were made available on the mobile, mobile devices can be used to access the cloud services which can enable the organization’s workforce to work from anytime, anywhere. With cloud hosting technology, data access has become instant, enabling users break the limitations of the past. Mobile devices can really help your workforce to be connected to their data all the time. Now the users can be in different country but will not miss out on anything, as the data can be accessed from the cloud.

2. A for Apps.

In this app-centric world, where for almost everything there is an app, why would you not use them to make you more efficient? Mobile apps bring ease of access on mobile devices and also provide exclusivity as well. Also, they relieve the user of accessing data through an explorer and give them direct access. Third party apps can be used for this service, but in this competitive market, third parties must find some way out to prove themselves distinct from the others.

3. BYOD- Bring Your Own Device.

Users have no longer remained monogamous. They have more than just a couple of choices. Today they have Personal Computers, laptops, smart phones, tablet phones and what-not. Additionally, users like to work with devices that they are comfortable with, so the organization has to be certain to regulate security for every type of device working in the network.

4. Blurred Lines.

With BYOD in effect, comes the need for applications, both for work and personal that can be used with a minimum of security checkpoints. Users wish to switch easily between works and play modes and so such a model would be apt. Also, such apps should be designed so that each mode does not interfere with the other.

5. The Social Network.

There is a need for networks and application through which users can share their data on a common platform. The need for such a service can mean a lot of business for third party developers and can bring about a lot of business.

6. The Business Proposition.

There is a need for complex business tools to be made easy with easy and user friendly interfaces for their devices. Users demand a new UI which mean a lot of work for people with the right tools, for this act of remodeling would require a lot of capital investment.


Consumerization simply means giving users what they never had, power. With users becoming more and more tech-savvy, the room to give them specific hot-to orders is getting thinner for managers. With the right tools, they simply want to achieve the set target. And those with products that maximize their output with minimum effort will be the biggest winners.


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    Hello Amaya Martin,

    Well the feature of accessing the data from anywhere is really awesome and is very useful for business people.
    There are thousands of apps which can be useful for it.


  2. Amaya Martin says

    It was nice hearing from you Vicky. Yes, It is indeed one of the flourishing technologies that is unlocking the ways to many critical activities, helping a wide variety of industry sectors.

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    I really love this post. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. Thanks for posting this

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