6 Characteristics Of A Good Blog Post

There are hundreds of blogs created every day and millions of blog views a day across the globe. This is only one of the reasons many people start a blog but not everyone is going to be successful in their blogging journey. Solid good blog posts are the basic foundation for a successful blog so let’s review some of the most important characteristics of a good blog post.

Characteristics Of A Good Blog Post:

1. Readability

Characteristics Of A Good Blog PostIt’s important that people can easily read your blog posts. Nothing is more frustrating than searching a topic, finding a blog with a great title, only to find the content is poorly written and it takes you several tries to make sense of one sentence.
This turns readers off quickly and puts your blog at risk for failure. To keep your blog posts readable try to hold the reader’s interest throughout your post. Make the message you are trying to get across stand out in the post. Give the readers an action once they finish reading the post. Ask a question at the end or offer a link for them to subscribe, share the post, etc.

2. Content Flow

You’ve probably come across a post at one point in time that was missing breaks and the paragraphs were jumbled together, making it hard to read. This is something you want to avoid for your blog posts. Keep the information flowing together and use breaks between paragraphs. Keep your paragraphs shorter, even if your post is rather long. The information should flow with each paragraph tied together in terms of the topic at hand while writing your post. This keeps your readers engaged through the end.

3. Genuine Interest

It’s important that you have a genuine interest in the topic you’re writing about. If you don’t, it will show in your content. Write about what you love or enjoy or at least have experience in if you want to give your readers valuable information and keep them returning for more. This is the chance to express your authority in the topic; through writing.

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4. Catchy Headlines and Titles

When a reader is faced with a variety of blog links all discussing the subject they’re researching, the one likely to be chosen is that which has a catchy title. Try to create titles for your posts that give the reader an idea of what your post is about but also make them curious to read more. Always keep it relative to your content; there’s nothing worse than clicking on a link only to find that the content is completely different than what you’re looking for. Use your imagination and reword your title different ways to determine the best one.

5. To the Point

Your blog posts should be to the point. Consider the idea that your audience is reading while taking a coffee break. They are pressed for time and want to read the information quickly but learn something from it at the same time. A general blog post is typically 300-400 words but sometimes it can be hard to relay your message in fewer words. If you need to make it longer try to break it up so that it’s easy to read but still contains the key points. Some blog posts can range up to 1,000 words but most try to keep it between 300-600 words.

6. SEO Optimization

A good blog post will be optimized for SEO in order to draw more traffic. People won’t know your post is there if you don’t use the right keywords. Use a keyword tool to determine which words or phrases best fit your post and that people are actively searching for. Don’t over-stuff the post with keywords but rather stick to two or three main keywords and place them throughout the content.

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Jason Bayless is a professional blogger that gives small business and entrepreneurs SEO advice. He writes for BestSEOCompanies.com, a nationally recognized comparison website of the best SEO companies in the United States.


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    All great points, Nwosu. These are the qualities your blog should have at the minimum to make it a success. Great content and something unique to say are, of course, also important to differentiate your blog, but don’t forget the basics.

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    Thanks for the encouragement, after a long time working in ended I need some suggestions, this post has fulfilled my knowledge,Thank you.

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    Thanks for clearing my doubt on what would be called as the Good and Quality Post. Everyone claims to write quality contents to rank well in search engine but no one emphasised on what is quality content or how it should be So from this article, I understood how a quality content should be.

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