5 Basic Computer Skills you need as a blogger

Do you want to become a blogger? Do you want to succeed as a blogger? If you are reading this now maybe you already started your own blog or you are considering what it takes to become a blogger and earn money from the internet just like me. Blogging is fun when you have the right skills to succeed in it else it could turn out to become your worst nightmare.

Today I want to discuss with you some of the basic computer skills you need to posses as a blogger, to make your daily blogging tasks seem like fun and easy. If you posses the skills I am about to talk about below, you can really succeed as a blogger because you must have been equipped with the right skills to succeed.

Are you ready? Now let’s look at the basic computer skills you need as a blogger.

5 Basic Computer Skills you need as a blogger

Word Processing:

Blogging entails writing, styling, formatting, numbering etc. As a blogger you are required to know how to use Word Processing software like Microsoft Word, Notepad, Wordpad etc. One may ask what has blogging have to do with Word processing?

Let me tell you why…

As a blogger, it is a very good practice to type your articles on a Word processor like Microsoft Word so as to produce quality articles with minimal or no error at all, whether it is typographical error or grammatical error, the Microsoft Word software will suggest best solutions to highlighted errors as you type. This way you can easily spot your mistakes and correct them.

So as a blogger it is highly recommended you type your articles on a Word processor, style it very well using the best fonts, text sizes and colors, use number or bullet listing where necessary etc.

You definitely need this skill to produce high quality contents which will in turn help your blog grow and rank highly in search engines.

Image Editing:

Another important computer skill you need as a blogger is image editing. As a blogger you are required to use images in your articles and often times you have to create and edit your own images. Without this skill your blog may suffer in effect and your articles may lack visual illustrations which could discourage your readers from reading.

Images play a very vital role in blogging and you are required as a blogger to know how to edit and create images using some image editing tools like Microsoft Paint, Adobe Macromedia Fireworks, Photoshop, and Microsoft Office Picture Manager Etc.

Sometimes you may need to label images or place texts on them for illustrations, without a good knowledge of these image editing tools, you may not find it easy to edit and use high quality images on your blog.

Remember that your blog may not only rank on search engines for your articles alone, it could also rank for images as well, so you are required to have a basic knowledge of image editing to be able to create and edit images as a blogger.

Practical use of the internet:

As a blogger you are required to have a very good knowledge of how to use the internet. You must know how to use the search engines; you must know how to promote your content and blog in general via the internet.

Blogging requires a lot of online researches and if you do not have a good knowledge of the internet you may find it very difficult digging up important information on any subject matter. I find the internet thrilling and with a good skill of internet use, any information is just within your finger tips.

You can use the internet to enrich your knowledge of blogging, connect with other bloggers, build relationships with your audience, engage actively on the social networks etc.


Are you wondering why I separated typing from the first point? I actually classify typing as a basic computer skill every blogger needs to posses to succeed in blogging. I needed to elaborate on this point that’s why I have separated it from Word processing skill.

Typing is a very important computer skill every blogger need to posses. Typing involves you to know some basic keyboarding skills as well, like the basic keyboard shortcuts, use of function keys etc. A good knowledge of typing will help you as a blogger because you may lose ideas in your head when you can’t type fast or properly.

Basic Blog Management:

To succeed as a blogger, you need to have a good blog management skill. You should be able to manage your blogging needs such as editing your articles online, publishing contents, scheduling posts, updating plugins and themes, editing your theme without breaking your blog, ads integration, SEO, Social media integration and any other type of blog modification.

You need to be able to manage your blog by yourself and to do this you need to posses some basic computer skills like HTML and CSS etc.

So you see to succeed as a blogger you need to posses most of the basic computer skills listed in this article, that way you can easily carry out your daily blogging tasks with ease and blogging could be fun and easy.

Do you know of other basic computer skills every blogger must possess to succeed? Share with me using the comment form below. Remember to subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss any of my great blogging tips episodes.

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  1. Arun Kallarackal says

    Hi Nwosu,

    Man, you very well covered the basic skills that one should have before embarking on a blogging journey. Having these skills acquired before starting the blogging journey will give a certain ‘edge’ to that blogger.

    To be honest, when I started out blogging, I had zero knowledge about CSS, SEO etc. Slowly, out of necessity, I learned these topics. I know how handy these skills are.

    Keep writing such posts Nwosu!


  2. says

    Having a blog isn’t just about writing and publishing. There are other essential skills that comes with the territory. As a blogger, even though we do not have to be an expert at programming but we need to be able to navigate around our own sites. Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    Nice post which reveals the basic computer skills :)

    Yeah, one should have these skills and I am not aware for Image editing. But will learn soon, thanks for sharing this post :)

  4. chimatim says

    It’s true you can’t do without this skills, most of us bloggers should be grateful even if we haven’t fulfilled our main aim of blogging at least blogging has helped us increase our skills in typing, practical use of internet in fact all those basic needs are now enhanced, greatly.

  5. says

    in this post you presented how to be a good blogger. Short, well written, well formated article covering well the subject. Thanks for that – really good job!

  6. says

    Good advices there mate. I think I got most of them covered and I’m now in the process of making my writing fun and informative to read.

    In my opinion every blogger needs to have their own unique way to weave their words to make their article a good read. Furthermore a good read nearly always brings back the first time visitors.

  7. niraj bhusal says

    Hello Nwosu Mavtrevor
    Nice post by you here, Really these 5 skills are essential for every bloggers. Typing and practical use of internet are the important factors I think too since bloggers have to spend more and more time on writing post and promoting them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. says

    Really any blogger need these all features or skills in to them But one most essential thing is common sense and talking behaviour is also a basic skills to being a Blogger…
    Where as I have seen too many Blogger those don’t have still manner to talk to their visitor….

  9. says

    In the technology paced era of today there is a vast majority of people who are in search for the basic tips and tricks or in other words you can say is guidance regarding blogger. According to me by reading this article anyone can easily learn about blogger as it has all the basic material required for a beginner to learn about blogs. These main computer skills required by a blogger can help him/her to easily start blogger work without feeling any hesitation that if he is doing the right thing or not. This article proves to be worthwhile for the beginners as well as experts.

  10. says


    The first thing I would consider for individual which is important is “English” and writing skills then comes these basic computer skills. All the mentioned skills are really important to move further in blogging.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. says

    Good post, Nwosu. These computer skills might be basic but I agree that they are important and will help bloggers make more progress.

    For example – Typing skills – will surely help bloggers write more frequently. This was one of the very first skills I acquired over 12 years ago when I first started and it has paid off extremely well:)

    Thanks to Piyush Mathur, for sharing this on Kingged.com. I “kingged” it and hope others will too!

  12. says

    Actually these 5 tricks not only help us out as a blogger but also as an efficient person. The time is such that people want to have more work done in less time i.e. efficiency.
    Thanks for sharing this article.
    According to me I emphasize more towards how you make use of the internet.
    Thanks for the share. :)

  13. says

    Well, according to me typing speed and your art of using the internet as a source plays very important role in making you the best blogger.

    Thanks for the share Nwosu. :)

  14. says

    Nice comment Atish! 65 WPM? I wonder how many words I can type in a minute. I am a typo to be honest. LOL!

    Anyway, I like the shared basic computer skills that a blogger needs. I have a good Image editing skills and I am proud that I am making money out of my passion and talent.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the IM social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  15. says

    Hi these skills are indeed one for every blogger which save their time to spend more on other ways link building, social engagement etc…

    Wonderful article.

  16. says

    A very nice post. Very useful for the beginners. keep posting such good information so that i can come back everyday to gain some new info… :)

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