4Sync cloud storage: Get 15GB free storage space

4Sync cloud storage. Numbers and graphics.

File-sharing was holding strong position on the Internet market in 2011. Despite social networks and mailbox services (like Gmail) which also allow users to store and share files, file-sharing services still serve as the powerful and flexible tool when it comes to operation with gigabytes of files. File-sharing still is a promptly growing platform. It’s entertaining, useful for advertising and has a stable tendency to continue growing every year.

Let’s take a look at one popular file-sharing service: 4sync. And by this example we will trace present situation on the file-sharing market at the moment.

What is 4sync?

It’s a rather young start-up. We suppose that when this new 4sync startup becomes popular it will easily compete with such file-sharing competitors such as: Dropbox or SugarSync. What is so special about this service? 4sync was made by 4shared designers and they did their best and created their own file-sharing resource to backup files similar to Dropbox. And more over 4Sync provides you with 15 GB of free storage space. It makes 4sync more convenient for users.
All synchronized files are saved on your secured account at 4shared.

First you will have to sign up, and then you will be able to start using 4shared.com shortly after registration.
The latest updated list of visited sites list according to “Google Ad Planner 2011” presented that many services in the file sharing community was in the ranking top- 1000 Web sites, including 4shared that took the 49th place on that list. 4shared also ranked Number 2 among best file sharing web site.

4shared also presents 56 million unique visitors. A total absence of advertizing and simplicity of the interface and usage are considerable advantages of 4sync. Having analyzed the data for most preferred web site it is clear that 4shared is becoming widely used, by thousands of people and taking the lead ahead of drop box by a large percentage. It is not a surprise, as this web site is comfortable to use and can exchange a large quantity of media files.

File-sharing is widely used in the world thanks to free functions of information exchange. It is attractive to advertisers and users who prefer free hosting of files and promotion of files by means of social media. This service competes with such serious Internet competitors as social networks which provide services for storage and file exchange for users as a standard function.

The future of file-sharing mostly depends on ability to adapt to the future tendencies of social networks because it is not enough to remain a regular file exchange platform. One of the first file-sharing services who made the first step towards socialization became 4shared. It implemented Twitter-like model of communications — subscription to the files of friends and also created their own backup project “4sync” for file synchronization on different computers. What can other file-sharing services offer in order to attract new visitors? Only time will tell.

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