14 Cool New iOS 7 Features You can’t Miss

Recently at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced the latest version of its mobile operating system – iOS 7. Consumers and developers had been eagerly waiting for this release and some of the renowned tech experts predicted that iOS 7 will bring changes in both appearance and functions. However, when it was finally revealed, the audience was surprised to see the plethora of changes and upgrades in this cutting-edge operating system. Here I will highlight some 14 exclusive iOS 7 features. If you are an iPhone or iPad fanatic, fasten your seat-belts as we start our journey inside the wonderful and vibrating world of iOS 7.

iOS 7 features

iOS 7 Features You Can’t Miss:

1)  Lock Screen– The new lock screen adapts the personality of your home screen wallpaper.

2)  Improved passcode screen– Just like the lock screen, the semi translucent passcode screen takes the personality of your wallpaper.

3)  Refreshed home screen with modified icons– Take a look at the new home screen and you will realize the difference. The smartphone manufacturer has redesigned the icons of iTunes, Safari, Mail, Game Center, Settings, Photos and more.

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4)  Notification center– The new notification center can be swiped down from the top and it shows all the information you missed from apps. A general digest of your daily activities is also showed at the top.

5)  Control center– is a new iOS 7 feature that gives you access to some of the primary settings such as brightness, Wi-Fi, music, airplane mode and many more.

6)  Improved folder design– The folders are transparent now and you can store as many apps in one folder as you wish. That means if you are a game addict, there is no need to create multiple folders for different games.

7)  New phone app– It has been simplified and redesigned with mild colors and larger images of your contacts. As a result, when someone in your contact list calls you, his/her image fills the entire screen. Well, if your boss is calling, then it can be scary!

8)  Mail app– There are not many changes in this regard. However, now you can swipe to get complete email folders and images now look bigger.

9)  Calendar app– Thanks to the dedicated developers, the calendar app is finally simplified and user friendly. You get a complete month view and can select any date to see all the appointments and edit them.

10)  Weather app– This is something that received a major update. You get a completely redesigned look. It now shows animations and constantly changes as the weather condition changes. The information is also displayed on the entire screen so that you get vivid details of the latest weather condition.

11)  Safari browser– Open as many tabs as you wish and there is a single omnibar for both search and website URL typing.

12)  New app store– There are categories for age range and there is a new category that changes with your location so that you can find the apps for services near you.

13)  Photos app– iOS 7 organizes your stored photos date and location wise and groups them together. You can see all the photos together like a large art gallery.

14)  Camera app– iOS 7 lets you switch between various camera modes, from video to panorama and there is also in-built photo filters. Therefore, you can use the filters while taking a photo, instead of using it later.

 I hope i have highlighted iOS 7 features you won’t want to miss, do you know of other new iOS 7 features i may have omitted? Please use the comment form below to add it to the list. If you enjoyed the article “14 Cool New iOS 7 Features You can’t Miss” and will want to receive more article from Netmediablog straight to your inbox, subscribe to my RSS feed.


  1. says

    Hello there,
    Awesome post..!! Recently the Apple’s WWDC 2013 has unfolded so many innovatives and creations worth buying.

    Though I do not possess any of the apple device’s but I am a great fan of its simplicity, especially the elegance of it.


  2. says

    Hello Satani,
    First let me ask you this; what is the difference between android and ios? I am not in this field and it is good to ask so i’ll know my steps and road to this. Thanks

  3. says

    great post nwosu. even though i do not have an iPhone, this post can be useful to iPhone users that i know. so i will share it and tweet it to my friends :)

  4. says

    Eagerly waiting for iOS 7, if you don’t have an iPhone then you don’t have a Phone :P, there features are wonderful, nice post :)

  5. says

    Nothing Apple announced at WWDC 2013 is wildly innovative. However it brings plenty of cool new features to my iPhone and iPad, and even if all it does is help curb iOS device snatchings, it will represent a big step in the right direction.

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