Facebook advertising: Is it worth investing in?

This is a question most people who are new to social advertising often ask. Facebook advertisement has been around for a while and yet many people are still skeptical about its effectiveness.

In this article I want to look at the claims and myths of Facebook advertising for you to consider if it is worth investing in or not. In my many years’ experience as a blogger, I have come across several means of traffic generation for blogs and many people will still tell you that SEO is the only way to go.

Well that many not necessarily be true as I have found out myself. The two major ways to drive quality traffic to any website is through search engine and social media. A lot of people hang out on the social media websites such Facebook, twitter and Google+, socializing and interacting with their friends and family. [Continue reading]

7 Ways to Promote Your Blog

7 Ways to Promote Your Blog

One of the biggest challenges of blogging is in generating good traffic because the success of your blog depends on it. I never realize my blog could become a business or brand that brings money until the first time i receive some payment from … [Continue reading]

5 Apps to Schedule SMS on Android Smartphones

5 Apps to Schedule SMS on Android Smartphones

Keeping in touch with loved ones is always necessary but sometimes we often forget to send that important message in time just because we were busy with one thing or the other. So many times I have missed to send birthday messages or anniversary … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Time Tracking Software That Will Make Your Business Effective

Time Tracking software

Time is the most important part of any project in a business. It is necessary to track the actual hours of work done. Time tracking software is quite effective to manage projects in an honest way for freelancers and clients. For programmers and … [Continue reading]

How to save Instagram Photos to PC and Smartphone

How to Instagram Photos to PC and Smartphone

Instagram is a different type of social network where people simply share pictures and videos with their friends. It could be just holiday pictures, wedding photos, and party or get together pictures. It could be old photos from the archives, … [Continue reading]