7 Awesome ways Bloggers can use Quora

The benefits Quora cannot be overemphasized and even as a blogger there are many ways you can use Quora to your benefit. In this article I am going to highlight several ways bloggers can use Quora.

Skipping the history of Quora and the rest of the story, Quora is a Question and Answer community where experts come together to share useful information. You can simply ask any question on Quora and be sure to get an answer.

The question and answer model is a little bit different from other question and answer sites out there. If you are not getting answers to your question, you can use credits to promote your question or ask experts. [Continue reading]

6 Ways to make money with your blog

6 Ways to make money with your blog

The truth is that most bloggers only monetize their blogs with just PPC advertising. Google adsense is the major player in this type of advertising with thousands of advertisers in their network ready to compete for the ad slots on your … [Continue reading]

Best iPhone Launchers for Android

Best iPhone Launcher for Android

Are you tired of your Android launcher? Do you wish your Android smartphone looks like that of an iPhone? Are you an admirer of the iPhone launcher? Well you do not have to wish your Android could look like an iPhone anymore, I am about to introduce … [Continue reading]

How to find who is hosting any website

How to find who is hosting any website

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to know where a website is hosted? You may come across a website and really enjoy its speed that you may want to find out who is hosting it, this can be quite annoying sometimes especially when you are … [Continue reading]

Are you one of those bloggers losing money even without knowing?

How bloggers are losing money even without knowing

Are you one of those bloggers losing money even without knowing? If you are reading this it’s because you are probably wondering how you have been losing money as a blogger. By the time you finish reading this article, you would’ve realized how much … [Continue reading]

Best PSD to WordPress Converter Services you can find

Best PSD to Wordpress Converter Services you can find

PSD to Wordpress Converter makes it possible to realize that your dream of designing a unique Wordpress site from your Photoshop designs. Web development is getting advanced by the day; you don’t have to settle for a generic Wordpress theme used by … [Continue reading]